Tuesday, 19 September 2017


I love everything about Autumn. Halloween, Parties, Foggy mornings and cosy nights in, no other season compares in my eyes. And, with a turn of the season comes new amazing looks in fashion. Plus size fashion is taking a great turn from what I've seen so far this year. High necks, very Victorian and dreamy patterns, what's not to love? I'm really enjoying what sites like ASOS and Simply Be are bringing out, especially when it comes to stylish plus size party dresses. I have my eye on a few bold items which I'd love to introduce to my wardrobe on my next pay day...

This time 5 years ago, I would have really struggled to find a dress for a party that didn't make me look like a sausage roll. But, now I'm swamped for choice. All of my favourite online plus size sites are outdoing themselves year on year with beautiful designs that are all size inclusive. I no longer find that I'm squeezing myself into a size 18 at Primark. I'm actually finding dresses and jumpsuits that flatter my figure and make me feel like Kim K.

I can't wait to see where plus size fashion goes in the coming months. I'd love to see more sites become size inclusive with their ranges, something which has been getting on my nerves in the past few weeks. For example, I was so chuffed to hear about the new Barbie range with Missguided. The promo promised beautiful prints and styles in terms of clothing. However, when the range was released, the plus size section looked, well, kind of depressing. Three shirts and two joggers? Really? How is that inclusive? If anything, it's an insult to assume that larger women only want to be seen in baggy clothes that hide their bodies. I want to flaunt my stuff? Please please PLEASE, brands, don't pull this as we transition into Autumn and Winter. Embrace one of your largest demographics for once, you may be surprised at how well you do.

What are your thoughts on the emerging A/W fashion this year?


Thursday, 14 September 2017


This month I was lucky enough to try out an amazing brand. Seen in the likes of Marie Claire and BAZAAR magazine, Malée is a brand inspired by Africa. The beautiful landscapes, the fragrances and more are taken into account when they create new products. And, paired with healing and pampering formulas, it’s hard not to enjoy what this brand has to offer, especially with such beautiful packaging.

Malée is becoming such a cult brand right now, and I’m so happy that I got to try it firsthand so that I can experience the hype I’ve seen so many bloggers talking about. 

On the Malée website, you can find a range of products. From candles to perfumes with lush scents, to hand creams and room mists.When asked what I would like to try from the brand, I was drawn to the look of the Vendure Moisturising Oil, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m honestly not surprised that this was shortlisted for an award at the Mama and Baby Awards this year. The smell is something I haven’t come across before. Made with Rosehip, Argan, Coconut and Almond oils, the product soaks into the skin easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I could smell the oil for hours afterwards on my skin. 

Now, this product can be used anywhere. Face, nails, body, you name it. So far I’ve used this as a body and hair oil, and so far so great. My hair smells like holidays and isn’t as dry as it has been the past few weeks. I can also imagine this oil would be great to use as cuticle oil when you’re doing your nails, so I’ll definitely be trying this when I get the chance to!

Products from the Malée brand have 100% natural ingredients and are rich in vitamins as well as antioxidants. The company strives to use products that are natural for the skin, and they avoid using unnecessary products which can harm us and environment. This oil comes in a glass bottle and cardboard packaging, which makes it easier to recycle once you’re finished using it! 

Another thing I love about this brand is its initiative to remain cruelty-free. Despite owning many beauty brands that partake in animal testing, I’m slowly finding new products which can help my skin issues without testing on animals, which is something I’m really proud of.

Have you tried this brand? What do you think about it?


Tuesday, 12 September 2017


In the coming months, I'll be changing up my room! I've always had this love for interior design and I have Pinterest boards dedicated to dream rooms in my imaginary home. Living with my parents, it can be upsetting not having a creative outlet when it comes to my own space, but I'm saving up the money and I'm finally decorating my room the way I want it to be. So, I figured I'd write a little about the kind of things I'd love to see in my room, along with some ideas for furniture!


My favourite colour scheme. I use it for my blog and I'd love to have it throughout my room as well. I have hints of all three at the moment, but my wallpaper isn't what I'd like, and neither is some of my furniture. So, when I get around to sorting my room I'd love to incorporate dusty pinks, greys and hints of black throughout. That goth life. 


Although I'd love a new bed, I really won't be able to afford one for a long time lmao. With that in mind though, I'd love to invest in some new pillows. My current ones are okay, but they're not "lay your head on this magical cloud" soft. I have my eyes on these super soft pillows though, which have been added to the list of "must haves" for my room when I get around to changing it up in the next few weeks!


I have a selection of prints on my wall at the moment which I love. I plan on adding to them and creating a small gallery wall above my bed once I've repainted! 


I'll have a small alcove in my room once I've removed my dated built in wardrobe, and with the space, I'll be adding in some shelving. On the top shelf, I plan on having some leafy plants including ivy, aloe vera and more. I think plants really make a room and I can't wait to go shopping for them! 


I love doing my makeup. Right now I have no space to apply my make up in the mornings, and I end up having to stand and apply my make up in a long mirror I have on the wall. I'd love a desk with a comfy chair and a Hollywood mirror...

I'll be writing a post on the progress! What does your dream room look like?


Saturday, 9 September 2017


Packing for your holiday can be a nightmare. You can have your clothes, shoes, and make-up packed, and then have your 20kg luggage allowance demolished by your toiletries. Definitely plan your toiletries in advance, as this can help with the packing process. Here's my guide to holiday toiletry essentials...


My favourite brands when it comes to SPF
For my face, I add SPF to my moisturiser. It avoids dryness and helps my eczema so much! 

SPF is the most important part of your holiday. Whether you're traveling to a sunny climate or a cold one, wearing SPF every day is a sure fire way to prolong wrinkles and protect your skin from nasty illnesses and skin cancer. Dita Von Teese (icon) wears SPF every damn day and she looks younger than me...


Have you seen that episode of Friends where Monica's hair goes INSANE on holiday and she ends up getting braids? Yeah, that's me on most holidays. Ensuring you pick a coconut or jojoba oil shampoo and conditioner set will stop some of the frizz. Probably not all of it haha, but sets with coconut make you smell divine. I also make sure I pick a lovely smelling body wash. 


I've been moisturising since I was 12. I still have stretch marks but whatever. It's still a great routine to have when you get out of the shower. I always moisturise and apply some body spray. At the moment I love Victoria's Secret sprays, especially their holiday collection. 


Another way I combat hair frizz on holiday is through heat defence spray and curlers. I figure if my hair is already curly, the frizz looks semi natural haha. Mousse and Hairspray help keep my hair in place. 


Above all else, don't forget your Micellar Water, Deodorant, Toothpaste and a Razor. All essentials in my eyes! Ensure your lids are securely fastened and put them in a water tight bag. Next step: enjoy your holiday!


Sunday, 27 August 2017


So this week I was lucky enough to try some products from the Purepotions range, and hot damn I think I've found my new favourite brand.

Purepotions is an award winning brand which specialises in natural skin care for those with dry skin/eczema. They don't believe in adding nasty chemicals to their products, which is perfect for me.

For the past few days, I've been testing out two popular Purepotions products. First, the Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream, which I've been using day and night after washing my face. Then, the Skin Salvation Intensive Facial Oil, which I use to "top up" my face when it starts getting dry throughout the day.

Both of these products are suitable for Vegans and boast a lovely natural smell (especially the facial oil). Now, a lot of people don't know this about me, but I have really bad facial eczema. I was told at first I had psoriasis, then eczema. I'm still having tests done on the infected areas, but it's a real confidence destroyer when my skin flares up. I've never shared images of my skin without makeup, but I actually feel confident doing so now, and it's all thanks to these products.


This is my face when it gets bad. I have red/dry patches all over and make-up becomes really cakey on my face. So far only steroid creams have worked for me. However...


After 4 days using these products, the redness and dryness have completely disappeared. I've never found products that help my skin this much. In this photo, I'm wearing no makeup! Legit!

I can't recommend this brand enough if you suffer from dry skin like me, and for products under £20 each I'm seriously impressed. Have you tried this brand? What're your thoughts?

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