I’m a complete believer in loving yourself to the max. Yes, I struggle with my body, but who doesn’t. I’ve always been plus size, and I don’t think I’ll ever be super slim (I’m not sure I even want to be). But right now I’m trying to lose a few stone (I gained weight this year thanks to steroids and other medication). I’ll be writing a post about all of that soon, but I wanted to address something before I did.

I follow a lot of body positivity bloggers, and I’ve always found them to be so supportive of other large women. This, for the most part, is amazing. What I don’t appreciate is their complete and utter disregard for bigger women who would also like to lose weight, and even women who are slender. It’s starting to feel like I’m in Mean Girls because of it. Not all body positive bloggers and accounts are like this, but I’m finding that more and more of them are.

Today, I came across this tweet. Along with the comments from other plus size women, I’m disgusted. How dare people comment on the mental health of those on diets, or those who want to lose weight. Has it not occurred to these people that you can love your body, but also want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle? Apparently not.

I started Slimming World a few weeks ago and I have nothing but high praises, I lost 9lbs in two weeks and I was never once hungry. It’s not a “diet” either, it helps you swap things in your diet for healthier options, and it’s where you can go and talk about your issues. I suffer from BED, and some of the people in my group have been lovely to me when I’ve spoken about it. To hear larger women disgrace Slimming World with such dismissal has shocked me. What shocks me more is that these women are “body positive activists”. Really boo? You can’t preach fat acceptance without accepting people who want to lose weight too. You can be against diets, and you can be against the diet industry, but don’t shame others for wanting to lose weight and for finding a plan that works.

If you’re a body positive advocate, please consider what you’re writing on your blog/social media. It’s upsetting as a bigger woman to find women degrading others like this, and it’s completely unnecessary. Not only are you announcing that women trying to lose weight disgust you, you’re outing them for something they believe is the right thing to do. Support your sisters.

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