Holidays are a common thing for the average working person. I've noticed though that I've become complacent with where I go - I choose the easy option. I'd love to really explore other culture, so I've researched the best bucket list holiday destinations and found some places to add to my bucket list!


The Himalayas look truly amazing and are a sight to behold. Boasting some of the earth’s highest peaks such as Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga and Lhotse, the Himalayas are a mountain range like no other. Due to its placement, trekking through the Himalayas is quite the journey, between India, China and Pakistan, you will never be short of things to gaze at in awe. Various activities such as water rafting in the River Ganga, skiing the slopes of Garhwal and Kumaon, mountain biking or even Yak safaris amongst others are all available for the adventurer in you.


For a change of pace from the peaceful yet somewhat intimidating peaks of the Himalayas, Santorini is located on an island southeast of Greece’s mainland. Essentially the aftermath of a gigantic volcanic eruption, Santorini has quite the interesting natural landscape. Its naturally circular landmass with small cosy cafes and bars scattered all over is a hotspot for honeymooners in search of romantic sights. The beautiful white Greek buildings and winding piers of Santorini look so beautiful, and I'd love to visit so I can see them myself.


I've always wanted to visit Japan. It looks amazing and so different to what I know. With districts like Shibuya, which is the business and nightlife capital of Tokyo and home of the famous Shibuya scramble crossing, who wouldn't want to visit this astounding place. Harajuku, the fashion capital of Japan, is something I've always been obsessed with. In Harajuku, you are bound to see more insane and groundbreaking outfits worn by regular people on the street more than anywhere else in the world. Taking a walk through Takeshita street, or sitting down for a coffee in the rooftop garden starbucks in Tokyu Plaza is an experience no one should miss out on.


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