Amsterdam: June 2016

So last month I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend with my boyfriend. It was amazing. I’ve been to the city before for my 21st – although I can’t really remember it…

This time I got to see so much culture. The people and the buildings and the food are all amazing. We ended up in a hotel next to an Italian restaurant. I saw god in their pepperoni pizza to be honest. We also happened to be right across the street from a pancake house… so you can imagine how full our bellies were by the time we got home.

We managed to get on a canal boat too and tour the city. It was so relaxing and special, I can’t wait to go back.

Of course, we had a smoke whilst we were there, and every night we’d sit on the window ledge before bed and spark up.

We also went to some museums. The Rijksmuseum, where I finally saw some Monet and Rembrandt, and Body Worlds. Body Worlds is super odd. They have dead bodies strung up in different positions so that you can see how our bodies work. It was really interesting to read everything, but I couldn’t stop thinking that these were people and that I could see their shrivelled genitals…

I managed to grab some amazing things in the markets they have in Amsterdam as well, like the postcard above.

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