Hey! I’m Gina.

By day I work in Digital Marketing, and my role is heavily based around Content, SEO, Influencer Outreach & Email Marketing as well as Social Media Management. When I’m not in the office, I write about a number of topics over on Medium, from travel to self-acceptance and everything in between.

This website is for just one of my passions: Interior Design. Having just bought my first property with my partner, I’m so excited to decorate, explore my own decor styles and express my individuality through my home.  On this blog, you’ll also find tips for saving money as well as tricks for keeping your living space tidy and organised.

More information about my job, and for professional Copywriter, SEO, Social Media & Influencer Outreach services, please visit my LinkedIn.

For other enquiries or collaboration requests, please email me on ginakaydaniel@gmail.com. I can provide a media kit, information on my website stats and more.


Writing is honestly my passion, and in the past, I’ve been featured in a number of articles and publications. Recently, I was featured in Realtor and Bustle, but I can also be found talking to publications such as The Daily Struggle. In the past, I’ve been featured on Girls Doing Cool Things and a lot more recently I’ve been getting some of my fiction out there into the world.

My side project, Words To Love By, is a freefall into my writing, a culmination of my experiences with creating fiction and a look into the writing of others. You can expect a lot more things to come out of my little side project in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out.


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When I first started this blog I wrote about a lot of topics, ranging from fashion to mental health. I’ve worked with a number of companies on different collaborations and campaigns, many of which can be found on my Collaborations tag.

Since changing the focus of this website, I’m still open to suggestions for collaborations, but I will only be accepting submissions that can be angled towards home decoration or interior design.

I’m super friendly, so if you’d like to run something by me, just ask! I’d be more than happy to help.

Contact Me

If you’re interested in working with me, I can be found via email on ginakaydaniel@gmail.com, or drop me a DM if you follow me on social media.

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