Top 4: Period Tracker Apps

Listen, my dudes, hormones are shit. I really wish we didn’t have to take pills or get injections in our ass, or get little a little hormone releasing doofer in our arms, or a fuckin’ IUD shoved right up our collective cervix’. But it’s a reality we all deal with.

I have tried a range of pills, the majority of which made me gain weight and cry at Andrex puppies. I’ve also tried having an IUD, which, despite working for over a year, gave me horrendous pains and what felt like vibrating ovaries (not pleasurable). The image of a smiling older lady prodding at my cervix will also haunt me forever.

We literally put ourselves through hell in order to avoid babies, all the while guys can run around with their genitals flapping about on the outside of their bodies loving life. If you want to take hormones, then that’s totally cool. Keep doing you. I understand that hormones can clear your skin and really work for some women. But for me, they are a personal hell.

This is for the women who are captains of the condom club, like myself, who would like to track their periods with ease. It can be so scary when you’re using condoms and you’re not even sure when you’re next due on. It can be easy to lose track of your last period or even figure out when you could be ovulating. The apps below track your cycle, your flow, and even send you reminders of when you’re ovulating. They’re really handy to have on your phone, even if you’re not an avid period tracker like myself…


This is the app that I personally use. All you need to do is input when your period starts and when it ends. From here, the app will calculate when you will be ovulating next, and what your chances of pregnancy are on any given day. Sweet.

You can also add in a contraceptive reminder, and your app will alert you at certain times so that you don’t forget to take it. You can add in whether you have taken the morning after pill, and add reminders for any other medication you may be taking. This is perfect if you take a range of medication which you might need reminding about.

With My Calendar, you can also backup your data. This means no hassle or fuss when you change phones. Simply re-download the app on a new device and log into your account/re-download your data. Once this is done, the app will be up to date and ready to carry on logging your cycles.


Available on both iPhone and Android, Clue can track all manner of things. From your period, expected ovulation, mood, sexual activity and more. The longer you use Clue for, the more accurate it becomes in recognizing your ‘off’ days and can predict exactly when you will next come on your period. Spooky.

Backed by scientists, the app is always evolving. However, your data will stay in the same place. You can also back up data from the app on iCloud or other apps such as Dropbox.

If you’re not a fan of cute pink logos etc, then Clue could be the perfect match for you. The design is modern with only some colour. Simply find the information you want without a pink tirade.


You know, these apps are great if you don’t want to get pregnant. But some women are well up for breeding. Which is cool. My Cycles is great for this.

The app lets you know when a great time to conceive is. As well as this, you can write down some daily thoughts, and track your weight, symptoms and so on.

In terms of ovulation days, My Cycles can track your most fertile times for up to 12 months. If you’re planning on when to get frisky, I guess this is a major bonus!

Much like Clue and My Calendar, you can backup your data online, meaning that you don’t need to start again on a new phone when it’s time for a renewal.


Flo has a lovely colourful design (not just pink), and users have given the app up to 5-star reviews on iTunes.

Flo is different from the rest of the apps in this article, as it allows you to track a few more things that help evaluate your cycle at all times. For example, you can track your sleep, water consumption and activities within the app. You can also sync your data with your Apple Health App. Matching both gives you a better idea on how to track your cycle, as well as other aspects of your lifestyle.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, Flo will give you graphs and analysis on when is best to conceive. As well as this, you can add in pregnancy test results.


I think that all of these apps would be great for any basic period tracking. It can put your mind at ease, and it makes you feel like a witch when you predict your period due date.

If you’re after something to help manage fertility, then I would seriously consider Flo and My Cycles, both of which can advise on your fertile days, and offer advice for those wanting to get pregnant.

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