My Favourite Films for Duvet Days

It seems recently that the weather has gone off on one. This summer is turning out to be a waterlogged mess, and with my holiday coming up I feel like we’re entering autumn more than the peak of summer.

There’s nothing better on days like this than lying in bed under the blankets listening to the rain hit the window and watching a film or two. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of all my favourite duvet day films for you!


This was the first black and white film I ever watched. I was around 14 at the time, and my dad put it on. I think it was a BBC 2 special haha. Anyway, I was pretty bummed that he put on a “boring” movie, but I got into it so fast, and it made me want to watch different older movies.

The plot is about a widow who moves into a seaside home with her young daughter. As the years go by, Mrs Muir finds that the house is haunted by an old Sea Captain. Mrs Muir and the ghost hate each other at first but end up falling in love. It’s a silly film but it’s great for light-hearted watching.

REBECCA (1940)

Fun fact: my sister was named after the novel this film is based on. Rebecca follows a young Joan Fontaine as the protagonist. She spends her time caring for an older lady whilst on holiday, where she soon meets Max DeWinter, a cold man who seems to be enamoured with her youth and naivety. Once she moves into Manderley, Max’s home, she soon discovers Max’s odd past, along with his dead ex-wife…


This is one of my guilty pleasure films. It’s honestly not a great film, but the soundtrack is banging and it has vampires in it. What more do you want? In Uni my nights in would include ordering pizza, getting snug and watching this film until I fell into a food coma lmao. I was wild.


Cheesy 90s Amanda Bynes film? Yes. Colin Firth? Yes. Amazing. You’ll find some dodgy acting and accents in this film, but it’s a classic for me. I used to love this growing up, it’s a modern rags to riches story and if you talk shit about it I’ll fight you irl.


This is a great film to have on in the background if you’re dozing – the storyline is easy to keep up with and the film itself is lovely to watch (mainly for Monroe and Jane Russell’ outfit choices). Perfect for Sunday mornings in bed with a brew.


I first watched this film when I was uni, we studied it in one of our modules and it’s a really lovely film to watch. Plus, it has Bette Davis in it which is fab. It follows Charlotte Vale (Davis) after she has a mental breakdown. The character comes out of her shell and finds love on a cruise ship. It’s a proper feel-good film and I definitely recommend it!


Classic 90s teen drama. Love it. If you haven’t seen this film then do so immediately. For Heath Ledger if nothing else.


I think I’ve mentioned this film a billion times, but it’s one of my favourite films ever. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman star as the Owens sisters, witches who live in a little town and are cursed (thanks to their ancestor). It turns out every man they love is doomed to die. It sounds dark, and it is, but it’s also a really great film to watch snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate. My dream house is the one the witches live in throughout this film.


“Who’s Wong Foo?”

Watching this film reminds me of being younger with my brother and sister. Me and my sister still watch this when we see each other. If you’re ready to see Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Alberto Leguizamo dressed as drag queens, then this is the film for you, my dudes.

SHE’S THE MAN (2006)

Another Bynes classic. She’s The Man follows Viola as she pretends to be her brother in order to enrol at his boarding school and play soccer. There are some really funny parts in this film, or at least there was when I was younger. I imagine watching this for the first time might make you think I’m mad for suggesting it… Don’t send me hate mail pls.


I love this little film, they had a screening of it in FACT and I went to see it with my boyfriend. It’s really fun and a feel-good film to watch either alone or with mates.

What are your favourite films to watch on rainy duvet days?

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