Designing my Dream Room

In the coming months, I’ll be changing up my room! I’ve always had this love for interior design and I have Pinterest boards dedicated to dream rooms in my imaginary home. Living with my parents, it can be upsetting not having a creative outlet when it comes to my own space, but I’m saving up the money and I’m finally decorating my room the way I want it to be. So, I figured I’d write a little about the kind of things I’d love to see in my room, along with some ideas for furniture!


My favourite colour scheme. I use it for my blog and I’d love to have it throughout my room as well. I have hints of all three at the moment, but my wallpaper isn’t what I’d like, and neither is some of my furniture. So, when I get around to sorting my room I’d love to incorporate dusty pinks, greys and hints of black throughout. That goth life.


Although I’d love a new bed, I really won’t be able to afford one for a long time lmao. With that in mind though, I’d love to invest in some new pillows. My current ones are okay, but they’re not “lay your head on this magical cloud” soft. I have my eyes on these super soft pillows though, which have been added to the list of “must haves” for my room when I get around to changing it up in the next few weeks!


I have a selection of prints on my wall at the moment which I love. I plan on adding to them and creating a small gallery wall above my bed once I’ve repainted!


I’ll have a small alcove in my room once I’ve removed my dated built-in wardrobe, and with the space, I’ll be adding in some shelving. On the top shelf, I plan on having some leafy plants including ivy, aloe vera and more. I think plants really make a room and I can’t wait to go shopping for them!


I love doing my makeup. Right now I have no space to apply my make up in the mornings, and I end up having to stand and apply my make up in a long mirror I have on the wall. I’d love a desk with a comfy chair and a Hollywood mirror…

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