My Holiday Toiletry Essentials

Packing for your holiday can be a nightmare. You can have your clothes, shoes, and make-up packed, and then have your 20kg luggage allowance demolished by your toiletries. Definitely plan your toiletries in advance, as this can help with the packing process. Here’s my guide to holiday toiletry essentials…


My favourite brands when it comes to SPF
For my face, I add SPF to my moisturiser. It avoids dryness and helps my eczema so much!

SPF is the most important part of your holiday. Whether you’re traveling to a sunny climate or a cold one, wearing SPF every day is a sure fire way to prolong wrinkles and protect your skin from nasty illnesses and skin cancer. Dita Von Teese (icon) wears SPF every damn day and she looks younger than me…


Have you seen that episode of Friends where Monica’s hair goes INSANE on holiday and she¬†ends up getting braids? Yeah, that’s me on most holidays. Ensuring you pick a coconut or jojoba oil shampoo and conditioner set will stop some of the frizz. Probably not all of it haha, but sets with coconut make you smell divine. I also make sure I pick a lovely smelling body wash.


I’ve been moisturising since I was 12. I still have stretch marks but whatever. It’s still a great routine to have when you get out of the shower. I always moisturise and apply some body spray. At the moment I love Victoria’s Secret sprays, especially their holiday collection.


Another way I combat hair frizz on holiday is through heat defence spray and curlers. I figure if my hair is already curly, the frizz looks semi natural haha. Mousse and Hairspray help keep my hair in place.


Above all else, don’t forget your Micellar Water, Deodorant, Toothpaste and a Razor. All the essentials in my eyes! Ensure your lids are securely fastened and put them in a watertight bag. Next step: enjoy your holiday!

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