Coping with Stress

Stress comes with a lot of things in life. Your job, your family, your friends, even our partners can stress us out from time to time. Sometimes, it can become your life. You go about your day stressed, come home stressed and living your life is just an afterthought. For others, stress is always in the background, creeping up when something big happens in their lives. It’s like the small print in a contract, you’re bound to encounter stress in your life, it just comes with the territory. I know that when I get stressed it can be catastrophic. I lash out, cry and everything and it’s just really, really grim. Following on from my Fatigue Post, here are some ways I deal with stress. I hope they help!


Trust me, ignoring the source of your stress will not help. It ain’t a good strategy to use, and it lets the stress control you instead of the other way around. One of the best things you can do is face your stress head on. It’s scary, but doing so can help you address the situation, figure out what’s causing you the stress, and taking steps to change the underlying issues.


Literally, check yourself before you wreck yourself. If I find that my family are stressing me out, I’ll take myself out of the equation. I’ll either go upstairs, or I’ll really think about what I’m saying before I say it. Reacting quickly can make a situation worse, and there’s nothing worse than upsetting someone without really thinking of what you’re saying. Mentally try and step away from a situation, assess how you feel and take it from there. Mindfulness practice can help. You might think it’s cliché, but really taking a step back from yourself can do wonders for stress in your everyday life.


When you work in a stressful environment, or you’re self-employed, little things can really stress you out. A close friend of mine is starting her own agency that specializes in SEO services, and finding the time to sort out her IT is stressing her out out to the max. There are places you can hire like that, such as Level 5 Management or a UK equivalent.

If you’re a blogger, stress an affect your writing, the quality of your posts and more. Last year I became really stressed and disillusioned with blogging, which is why I took a step away. However, if you earn money from your blog, or you just want to keep your readers happy, you could consider a Copywriting service such as Gen Y Copy, who can provide you with content whilst you take a well-earned break.


I know I mention this a lot, but exercise can really help with a lot of things. When I’m stressed at work, I take it out on my Personal Trainer & I request boxing-heavy classes. I’ll also go for a run and listen to my Nu-Metal playlist (you know how it is). Honestly, getting your body moving can really help you with any stress you might have.

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