How to Prep for Date Night

Everyone wants to look their best when going out on a date. I’ve always struggled with how I look, and dating used to give me such anxiety. Thanks to make-up I’ve really fallen in love with getting myself ready for date night with Kyle, so I thought I’d make a little post to show you how I prepare for a date!


The way you dress for a date will play a significant role in the first impression you create. And, depending on which kind of date you’re going on, it’s important to pick something out that’s relevant. For example, you don’t want to wear an evening dress for a bowling date. Alternatively, you don’t want to wear jeans and trainers for a fancy restaurant date…. If you’re going somewhere fancy, there are lots of designer brands that you might want to consider, but you can get some hot dresses from lesser-known high-street retailers these days. So, you don’t always have to spend a fortune. Ideally, you should opt for something that comes in a dark colour. I always choose a darker colour, as I can accessorise to make myself stand out, or wear daring makeup, depending on how I feel.


This might sound silly, but for real just do it. I went on a date once and had kale stuck in-between my bottom teeth. I swear down it was Bridget Jones moment and I was mortified when he pointed it out. He was cool about it, if he wasn’t I would’ve bailed on him anyway…

But yeah, it saves the embarrassment if you check your teeth before a date lmao. If you’d like a bright white smile, maybe cut down on your coffee intake during the week leading up to your date. After all, drinking coffee can cause an adverse effect on your teeth.

If you think your teeth could do with some whitening before your date, why not look into brands such as Natural Smiles, who offer teeth whitening, amongst other services. If I think my smile is dull, I’ll use teeth whitening toothpaste, which can be found in any major supermarket.


You don’t want to turn up to your date with electric blue eyeliner. Like, you don’t. Someone should have told me that in uni. If you want to go a bit wacky with the eye make-up, brands like Bobbi Brown offer some pigmented shades and palettes for you to experiment with. Before applying anything to the lid, make sure you’re using primer, along with colours that can make your eye colour pop. I have green eyes, so I tend to use golden hues to make them stand out. To make your eyes look brighter, you might also want to add concealer under your eyes. This will lighten the area and make your eye colour pop.

When it comes to the rest of the face, I always like to stick to the “eyes or lips” rule. This means if you have a bold eye, go with a nude lip, and visa versa.

How do you prepare for date night?

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