How to Take your Mind Away from Stress

We all worry. It’s a huge part of being human. Even if you feel as if you’re the only one with issues, and the only one that breaks down over them, you’re not. That being said, there are also people who can just deal with stress better than others. I used to be terrible at dealing with stress, but then I taught myself the following coping methods. I hope this help you, too!


First of all, breathe. When you get stressed, you tend to slow down on your breathing, and that can always make things a lot worse. You’re going to freak yourself out and even make yourself ill if you keep on with the shallow breathing. It’s the fastest way to find yourself in a panic-attack kind of situation. So, to avoid that, you need to breathe. Take big, deep, full breaths. Counting in for ten and out for ten.


Now that you’ve nailed the panic aspect of stress, you need to work on tackling the actual issue. Because, you’ve guessed it, if you don’t do something about that situation, those freakouts will keep on coming back. And for this, you need to get thinking. And think logically. Try to take as much emotion out of the situation as possible, write a pro/con list, whatever you need to go to logically work out the best course of action.


Once you’ve found a way to tackle the issue, you need to take steps towards resolving the cause of your stress. Whether it’s using something like Online Doctor App to reassure yourself that you’re not ill, or going to the bank to sort out your financial issues. Whatever it is that’s causing you to worry; there will be a solution. It might not be what you think, or even ideal, but there will be something you can do to make the situation better.


Worrying won’t change the outcome. So save yourself the pain and potential sickness by not doing it! When you worry, you’re harming your mental and physical health. But worrying won’t change the situation. So instead, swap stress for action and try and change that outcome yourself. I tend to work out when I’m stressed, or sit myself down and rationalize with myself (as I tend to panic easily).


And finally, try to chill out. Whether you’re worried about a loved one, feeling ill, or finding yourself in a tough situation, if you’ve taken action and the wheels are in motion, you then need to try and relax. Do something you love, indulge in something relaxing, and try to put your mind right. You just put it through something awful with all that worrying, so chilling it now is the least you can do!

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