My Top 5 90’s Cult Classic Halloween Films

I really enjoy cult films. They’re defined by their following away from the mainstream media, and initially, they’re films that didn’t do so well at the box office upon their first release. There are so many cult films I’d love to include in a Halloween Movie Night post, but I’ve whittled it down to just 5. These would be great to include in a themed movie night with your partner, or just for you to watch throughout October.


I effin love this film. It’s for kids, but I watched it as a kid – so it’s no surprise that I love it. I watch this on Halloween every year with some popcorn and some scented candles on the go!

THE CROW (1994)

In uni I had a slight obsession with this film. I had never heard of it before, and when I watched it I really enjoyed it. My lecturer told me about how Brandon Lee died during filming, and about the general spooky shit that went down on set. I even bought the graphic novel afterwards. It’s worth a watch 100%.

Sequels were made for this film, but I wouldn’t recommend actually watching them…

THE CRAFT (1996)

The Craft follows four high school girls as they discover they’re witches. A bit dark in places, but mostly a load of fun. Definitely add this to your Halloween watch list if you haven’t already.


I watch this film like 3 times a month lmao. The house where the Owens family live is my dream home, it’s so cute and the decor is amazing. I always wanted to be Sandra Bullock from this film when I was younger (I couldn’t tell you why…I actually think because she’s thin and I like her clothes…)

But anyway. The film is about a family of witches in a small American town, it’s a really good spooky movie to watch on Halloween.

SCREAM (1996)

My sister showed me this when I was 7 because she’s a terrible person.

But also it made the list because I was genuinely terrified watching it. I had nightmares for weeks and the beginning scene with Drew Barrymore still gives me the chills. Watching it now, I can’t imagine people being scared of Scream, but it’s a staple scary movie in my opinion.


  1. Unknown

    October 13, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Love them all, except The Crow, never seen it so I'll add it to my list. Definitely used to try Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board with my mates too.

    1. Gina Kay Daniel

      October 13, 2017 at 8:42 am

      Definitely give it a go! It's showing its age a little now, but if you like 80's films I think you'll really enjoy it. And haha me too! I was still a tubby lard who didn't budge though… x

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