The Best Halloween Costumes for your Pet

I know some people are against the idea of dressing up their dog or cat on Halloween. But those people are wrong. My Goldendoodle has a collection of Christmas jumpers, and this year I’ve added to it with some Halloween costumes…. He may look unhappy, but what you don’t see is his smiley little face when I bring home outfits for him, or his insane tail wagging after I dress him up! With that in mind, I thought I’d help out some other dog owners find some cheap and wonderful costumes for their furry mates this Halloween!


The costume I bought for Dexter (my pooch) this year was from B&M, and it was under £10! They also sell jumpers, hats, collars and other cute costumes for your pets. All of the pet items in B&M for Halloween are under £10 and are 100% worth it for the lols and the photos.


Feedem is a brand that’s totally new to me, but I’m really impressed with how cheap their Halloween range is for doggos. Everything is under £10, and you can even buy Halloween themed toys for your pets. If you’re a giant emo and you actually celebrate Halloween on Christmas, you could create a little gift basket for your pet! Cute af.


If you order in time for Halloween, eBay offers some amazing Halloween costumes, toys and treats for your pets from a multitude of sellers. You can even buy Halloween themed dog socks. For real.


Ever wanted to buy your dog actual Scooby Snacks? I have. You can find Halloween themed versions of the treat both online and in store. You can also find a range of costumes and other Halloween themed goodies on their website.

Where do you buy your Halloween themed pet items?

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