Top 3 City Breaks for Food Lovers

Trying new cuisines is one of the most exciting things about travelling and for a lot of people, it’s the main reason that they go. You can try exotic food from restaurants at home but nothing quite compares to the real thing. Here are some amazing places I’d love to travel to in order to eat their cuisine! Some I’ve been to before but some are total dream goals.


Japan is becoming an incredibly popular tourist destination for so many different reasons, not least it’s amazing food. Tokyo is the city with more Michelin stars than any other, even though people don’t always consider Japan top of the list when it comes to famous cuisine. Lots of people are put off because they think it’s just going to be loads of sushi and nothing else, but that’s not what Japanese food is about at all. They specialize in all sorts of seafood dishes and they’re big into their tofu. They have a huge focus on locally sourced ingredients which means their food is always fresh. I’m all about that, wish is why it’s at the top of my wishlist!


When you say Spain, people immediately think tapas and paella. While it is a part of their culinary culture, they have so much more to offer than that. I’ve been to Barcelona before and I still don’t think I’ve fully experience their food culture.

If you’re heading out there, read some Spain travel blogs to get a better idea of what’s on offer. There is a load of great Michelin star restaurants that you can visit as well as some more affordable places.

Tapas is an iconic part of Spanish cooking, so you should try it while you’re in Barcelona, just don’t limit yourself when it comes to trying new things! Get out there, away from Las Ramblas and really enter the world of Spanish cuisine.


The buzzing markets are one of the most iconic things about Morocco, and they are at the heart of the food culture over there. When my parents visited a few years ago, they raved about the food and even sought out local Morrocon restaurants for us to eat in!

The markets are packed with huge piles of fresh ingredients and spices, some of them aren’t for the faint-hearted though… I’m talking hooves, brains, the lot. It’s all about the street food so if that’s what you like, this is the place for you. However, one of the best things about being in Morocco is that there are loads of great cooking classes on offer. You can try using recipes when you get home, but if you really want to master their cuisine, what better way to do it than learn from locals using authentic ingredients?


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