Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Okay, so I may be getting a few Christmas feels. I feel like I’m cheating on Halloween when I say that, but I am. I love Christmas, and when you’re in a relationship it can be such a lovely time of year. I know that seasonal difficulties can affect relationships around this time, and it can be tough on a partner when that happens to you. Luckily, I get depressed in the Summer (idk why) so I think me and Kyle will be okay… But yeah! With that in mind, I thought I’d write a little post about romance in the winter and the amazing things you can do together as the weather gets little colder in Liverpool (UK).


The obvious downsides to winter are what keeps us from putting our shoes on and going out. With freezing temperatures and rainy conditions in the North West, we tend to stay in and binge watch the recent shows on Netflix. But this is one of the best times to get out and see the world! An hour outside of Liverpool is Delamere forest. It’s perfect for a walk as the leaves change colour and crisp under your feet. It’s also a great spot for some photography, or for just a stroll with your partner.

Or, maybe be a bit more adventurous and go on holiday together! Maybe one of those ski holidays to Andorra? Not Liverpool, I know, but beautiful in the winter time. Travelling as a couple can be so beautiful, I’d love to travel with Kyle in the winter one day!


In Winter our skin can become dry and cracked. Suffering from ezcema, I always have to take the time to look after my skin with a seriously good body moisturizer. But why not take it a step further? There are some amazing spas in Liverpool, and having a pamper session with your partner after a day of Christmas shopping would be so, so lovely. Alternatively, have a night in and take a nice relaxing bath together, you can also don face masks and even give each other massages.


I really am on the exercise hype at the moment. I mean, I’m still fat, but I like working out. It makes me feel good about myself. I really don’t want winter to mess up my flow, which is why I’m going to drag Kyle into few hours of exercise together as it gets colder… I might bring him into my personal training sessions, but I’m not ready for him to see me jiggle yet.


There are so many great restaurants popping up in Liverpool at the moment, nearly all of them would be great for a romantic winter date! I recommend Down the Hatch and a trip to the newly opened Baltic Market. Alternatively, why not visit the Liverpool and Manchester Christmas markets, where you’ll find sweet treats and more!

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