A Little Post on Self Confidence

No amount of self-improvement can make up for lack of self-acceptance. That’s one saying that has always struck a nerve with me. You can strive for perfection, but if you’re never happy with yourself, to begin with, you’ll never reach your goals. Make peace with yourself, even if it’s hard. I struggle with this a lot, which is why I’ve made a mini body positive guide for you!


It may be cliche, but having a good relationship with yourself and your body is vital for confidence and happiness.¬†Of course, loving ourselves can be a little tricky, especially if we don’t live up to our own subjective, and often unrealistic ideas, of what we should look like in our heads.

This might sound stupid, but why not take up a meditation practice like Metta? You may choose to do particular body focused self-care tasks, like painting your nails and getting your hair done. Not for the benefit of other people, but because of the way they may you feel. You may even choose to get your teeth whitened, which has boosted my confidence since I got my teeth whitened!

If you do choose to get whiter teeth by the way, check this post on All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening to get the low down before you do it.


I’ve known girls to sleep with their makeup on because they hate the way that they look so much that they can’t bear to wake up next to their other half with a bare face. Apart from this being T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E for your skin, it’s also so sad that you can feel that way! Make-up shouldn’t hide who you are, but enhance who you are!

That is why I support lazy days with messy buns and snuggly pyjamas, and no makeup. It’s OK to relax your appearance now and again. So feel free to enjoy your PJ days, and invite your nearest and dearest to partake in it with you.

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