Are you Guilty of These Unhealthy Habits?

We’re all guilty of unhealthy habits, and sometimes we don’t even know that they’re unhealthy. I’m exactly the same, I binge eat a LOT, I used to smoke quite a bit and on the weekend I enjoy a hefty drinking sesh. Everybody does something unhealthy, and there’s a big spectrum. Whilst you may keep your body free of toxins and even exercise fairly regularly, you could still be causing your body harm without realizing it. Here are some unhealthy habits that you might not know about…


Visual health is so important, and yet the vast majority of us don’t take care of our eyes. In the modern age, every piece of information or media that we consume seems to be on a screen. It’s no wonder that we all experience so many visual problems when this weird digital era has seeped into all aspects of our lives. I’m guilty of it too, I’ll look at a screen all day in work, then catch up with what I’ve missed out on via my phone or TV when I’m home.

It’s crucial to get regular health check-ups for your eyes. I can’t stress this enough, especially with what I’ve been through.

Symptoms of eye disease aren’t always noticeable, and poor vision isn’t the only problem you could have. If you feel as if a health issue has been overlooked with your eyes in the past, and it’s turned into something worse, then you should look into options for injury claims that could get you the compensation you deserve for medical negligence. I’m looking into this at the moment, as my opticians failed to find an issue with my eye 3 months before I finally had to go to A&E.


Most people experience mental health issues at some point in their lives. I honestly feel like it’s a given at this point in time. Even if your struggles seem quite insignificant, you might not realize that you’re dealing with mild levels of stress, anxiety, or depression by finding temporary fixes. For example, emotional eating is a tool many people use in order to temporarily feel better. I know I used to, and it led to an ED that I’m still trying to overcome.

Of course, the “high” from eating is always short-lived, and you’re back to square one. Junk food does your body no favours, but it also does your mind no favours. It can worsen mental health because of the decline in your physical health. It’s happened to me before, especially when I’ve been eating healthy for a long period time. One slip up can send me straight into depression mode, which is why I have to be so restrictive and aware of what I’m eating.

This is just one aspect of mental health, and how something so trivial as eating can hide a multitude of issues you might have. My advice? If you feel as though something is wrong, and that you might be taking part in unhealthy behaviour to cover it up, speak to someone you trust. Even getting it off your chest can do a world of good.


I sleep for like 10 hours a night, and it’s gr8. I love sleeping so much – but many of my friends tend to stay up late in order to play games or watch TV. Obviously, do this if you want to, but be aware of what staying up late can do to your body...

Our body runs like clockwork, and if you mess up the order it likes to run in, you’re going to end up in trouble. A healthy sleeping pattern can do so much your health, so why not try and go to bed at the same time every night? Give it a week and see how you feel, you may find that you have more energy throughout the day…


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