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So, after months of talking about it and not actually doing anything, my room in my parent’s house is finally complete! In hindsight, I should have taken “before” pictures, so that I can show you guys exactly how it has changed, but I digress. Here’s my new room tour!

Basically, my room was this: very light blue walls, grey wallpaper, a broken Malm set of drawers from IKEA, and a range of other things I didn’t really need or want. I ended up turfing 8 bags of crap out of that room, including clothes, shoes, DVDs and books. What I was left with was virtually a shell. So, I got to work….

Paint & Colour Schemes

Bedding & Cushions – ASDA, Bedside Lamp – IKEA

My theme for my room is grey and pink, and I really think this comes across well. I originally wanted rose gold and pink, but then I realized that not only does every other blogger want that, but that I actually enjoy grey and silver more than gold tones anyway. So, I found a grey that I really liked from B&Q (this one is Warm Pewter in Matte by Dulux), and I refreshed my skirting boards with some White Gloss.

Vanity & Make-up Station

I finally have a little place to show off my perfume collection…

A must-have for me was also a desk/vanity where I could apply my make-up in the mornings. Before my desk I had nowhere to actually sit and do my make up, but now I do and I love it so much.

All of my make up/hair products/nail varnish is in the drawers to the side of the desk, and it looks so minimal and clean, I’m in love. I only got into actually doing my make up a few years ago, but it’s become a part of my daily routine, so I’m glad I have an area of my room that’s dedicated to my make-up. On with the new room tour…

Storage & Closet Space

I ended up replacing my shelving for a smaller, yet taller, unit, which would allow me to condense my clothing.

Shelving – IKEA KALLAX £20 each

When it came to my bedside tables, I found that just one of my lamps was bright enough to light the room – so I bought two units, one for a lamp, the other for my vinyl player and vinyl. I figured it would be a great use of space, and I think it works really well. Also, it means Rose (my cat) has a place to sit in the middle of the night whilst she’s giving me evils.

Grey door handles: £4 each from eBay

At first, I really wanted to get rid of my wardrobe. I thought it was too big and clunky. But then I realised that if I did that, I’d have to fix the skirting boards and get new flooring, which I just wasn’t into doing. So, they stayed. I settled on changing the door handles to a vintage grey knob – which I think really ties it in with the room.

Blackout Curtains

One major change that I’m obsessed with in my room in my curtains. Before I got blackouts, I had really flimsy see-through black curtains which would let the light in. I didn’t think they would make much of a difference, but I sleep so well now compared to before! The ones I chose are from Dunelm.

Decoration & Art Prints

Artwork: Middle print here, Left print here

Once everything was built, installed and settled, I turned to decoration. I think framed prints, for me, make a room look really neat and minimal – so I wanted to get some prints that I really enjoy and hang them up.

This is a Buffy themed print, which I obviously needed to buy
I bought this because of my love for pin-up and fetish art

I also added in this super cool neon sign from Firebox:

I hope you enjoyed my new room tour and love it as much as I do!

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