Summer 2018: The Costa Del Sol in Focus

I know it’s nearly Christmas, and that your next summer holiday is the last thing on your mind. But getting great deals on holidays is one of the best things in the world. Getting in there early can save you upto £400, and I’m all about that! With that in mind, I wanted to give you some options to take a look at for your Summer 2018 getaway…Starting with the Costa Del Sol!

“Costa Del Sol” translates from Spanish as “coast of the sun” or “sunny coast” and, as one of the most popular tourist destinations for British holidaymakers, it’s common to hear people talk about a break on the Costa Del Sol.


While famed as a celebrity hangout, Marbella is a lot more than the party destination the media makes it out to be. Attractions like Sohail Castle and the Museo Bonsai will appeal to the historians and the naturalists respectively. And, if you like to stay in stylish, luxury apartments, Marbella will certainly fit the bill. Staying within touching distance of Puerto Banus is your best bet. Here, you will find countless top-of-the-range boutiques, as well as the nearby Golden Mile, which plays host to the finest nightlife in the area.


It’s hard to mention Torremolinos without talking about its reputation among holidaymakers. It is, by popular convention, the “cheap and cheerful” resort of the bunch. If you’re taking a holiday with the girls (or the lads), the charms of Torremolinos are undeniable. The nightlife of the Calle San Miguel, sandy beaches, and plenty of theme parks make Torremolinos the perfect location for a fun trip.

There’s also Selwo Marina, a nature park with whales and dolphins, if you feel like a little quiet time when visiting the resort– which, if we’re honest, you’ll probably need. Torremolinos is noisy and busy, but if you like that kind of holiday, it’s perfect for you.


Malaga may well be the best choice for you if you want a quieter trip. Alcazaba, a magnificent former Moorish palace, is a must-see destination in Malaga. Also, the Museo Picasso hosts a permanent collection of works by the city’s most famous son, something not to be missed.

If you intend to visit Malaga, it may also be worth checking out the famous La Manquita Cathedral. The name translates as “one-armed lady”, so called as one of the two towers from the original architectural plans was never actually built.

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