Where to Next?

Have you caught the travel bug? We all do from time to time, well, all the time if you’re me. As soon as you step off that plane in the rainy UK, you instantly start regretting your choice to book a return flight home. If some of you are lucky enough to travel for a job, or travelling IS your job, then my gawd do I wanna be you.

For the less fortunate of us, we’re left here saving our asses off waiting for that next holiday to come around. But with so many great destinations around the world to visit, it can be hard to know which one to cross off your list next. So if you’re struggling, I’ve compiled some short and long distance destinations that’ll get your bank account twitching:


Despite the impending doom Bali is facing, the country is such an amazing place to visit. I mean, maybe wait until the volcano has calmed tf down, but if you’re looking to visit Bali, it’s just full of natural wonders and things to explore. There’s the monkey forest sanctuary which is a firm favourite with tourists, as well as the spectacular views that can be seen from Tanah Lot., an area of real beauty that holds the island’s temple.

Solo holiday packages to Bali are available if you’re looking to tackle it on your own. There are plenty of things to do if you are going solo, and some really good hostels to make friends in. Bali is such a popular place for backpackers, you’ll never really feel alone.

Another fabulous long distance destination is obviously Australia, and now is pretty much the perfect time to go. As our winter is coming closer, their summer is. At the moment, temperatures are at around 33 degrees, and will only carry on to rise until the high 30’s. Plus, Australia is such a magical country to visit. There are so many different cities boasting so many things to do. If you’re going, you have got to travel to Sydney and go to Bondi Beach (100% on my bucket list…when I have a better-looking body lmao).


When you just can’t be bothered for that long plane journey, short distance holidays become your best friend. First on the list is Amsterdam. The city has something for everyone, it truly is a wonderful place (having been twice I can’t recommend it enough). You’ll instantly feel relaxed into the way of life there. Everyone seems super friendly. You’ll notice pretty much everyone is biking around. There’s so much to see and do there in terms of museums, pubs, coffee shops, and just general sightseeing whilst walking down the canals.

Rome is truly incredible as well. If you haven’t already been, you definitely need to put it on your list. The city is so rich with interesting history, and providing you get a central hotel you can pretty much walk everywhere. If you love good Italian food, Rome is obviously the place to be. There’s plenty of bars of a nighttime as well, and the hotels are really cute. Be sure to walk all the way to the Vatican city, and even do a tour if it interests you. They’re long, but getting to walk around the inside is pretty cool.

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