Celebrating Christmas with Your Pets

There are so many different opinions floating around about how you should celebrate your Christmas with pets. Personally, I love to buy a range of gifts for my dog/cat, wrap them up and open them with my pets on Christmas morning. My cat couldn’t care less if I’m honest, but my dog will always sit there while we open our gifts and wonder what’s going on. It’s so cute that he gets to open his presents with us too, it’s one of the main reasons I wrap him his gifts in the first place! If you don’t agree with getting your pets gifts at Christmas, that’s your call completely, but I love it!

For Dexter (my Goldendoodle) I’ll always get him a stocking filled with treats, some cuddly toys, new tennis balls and either a Christmas Jumper or something festive to put on his collar when he goes on his Christmas day walk. For Rose (my cat) I’ll buy her a stocking filled with dreamies, chasers, mice toys and treat chasers. My cat may also be treated to a water fountain this year. I also have a little Christmas bow I like to put on her because I’m lame like that. This will be my second Christmas with Rose, and my first actually spending it with her (last year I lived in a flat and left her there with my roommate at the time), so I can’t wait to cuddle her on Christmas morning!

Last week, we had Dexter shaved, washed and blow dried (spoiled boy). This was done at a highly reputable store, which I won’t name because they messed it up. Big time. Dex came back with split nails, an uneven shave all round, and his tail/face wasn’t touched. They also shaved underneath his tail? I was mortified!! Dex has really bad allergies, and being shaved so close in an intimate area can cause a big issue. My dad had to take him to the vets where we were told that he had issues with his paws as well. In the end, the groomers paid for his vet bills, had him fixed by a senior trainer and gave us some free vouchers. One thing the experience taught me though is to insure my pets. Up until now, both Rose and Dex have been uninsured. I tend to think about it like “well, what’s actually going to happen to them?”. Turns out anything can affect them at any time. So, in a way, it’s really opened my eyes to getting them both some pet insurance.

After looking at some compare sites, I think I’m going to go forward with Argos Pet Insurance. They offer insurance for dogs and cats (ideal) and their reviews seem to top the rest which I’m happy about. Do you have Pet Insurance through Argos? What are your thoughts?

On Christmas day itself, the whole family wakes up around 7 and we open our gifts together (including Dex and Rose). Then we all have breakfast and spend the day playing games/eating mostly! When it comes to Christmas dinner, Dexter has a bowl of dinner for himself (with all the trimmings). I’m not sure if we’ll give Rose some, I’ll have to make sure she can have some first! Then we all have a drink and play board games until we pass out from being full (or from having one too many drinks).

How do you celebrate Christmas with your family/pets? Do you have anything special lined up for them this Christmas?

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