My 2018 Goals and Resolutions

I was speaking to the girls in work the other day, and they don’t make NY resolutions? I mean, I get it. If you want to make positive change, just start, you don’t have to wait for a new week or year. But for me, I really want to view 2018 as a new beginning. It will be the year I turn 25, and I should really be getting my shit together! I want it to be the year I start recognizing myself as an adult, so with that in mind here are some of my resolutions and goals for the coming year.


I’m pretty sure everyone wants to lose weight. For me, it’s a nightmare. I have a really bad relationship with food, and although I can appreciate that my boyfriend/friends still find me beautiful, I’ve gotten to a point where my weight is really depressing. I see a personal trainer, but I know that it’s my diet that needs to change. Last month I actually started Slimming World and it was brilliant, I lost 8lbs in my first week, and reached 12lbs overall the week after. I found it easy to follow as well, but with Christmas temptations cropping up I started eating rubbish again; which brought my self confidence down, and so began the binge/depression cycle all over again. I think in the New Year I’ll stick with Slimming World again. I’ll still see my trainer and start running again too, I just hope my shin splints don’t make a comeback!

I think it’s important for me to understand, this time around, that I’m never going to have the perfect body. I really believe that it doesn’t exist. Everyone has issues with themselves, and we all put ourselves under the microscope. I just need to focus on being happy and filling my body with food that it needs, and hopefully the rest will follow.


If you know me, you know that I will spend money on absolute shite. I will buy food, makeup, clothing, accessories, weird stuff I don’t even need and anything/everything else. In 2018, I want to take a look at what I spend in detail, save where I can and really see if I can get some money in my savings account. I’m also going to put £100 straight into my savings the moment I’m paid. If I can save £1200 by next Christmas I’ll be CHUFFED.


This year I passed my theory test, and I start my driving lessons again in January, so I’m hoping that I can pass my test in 2018! I’m not sure about getting a car yet. I’m more focused on actually passing before I worry about getting a car, but yeah!


I started my half sleeve when I was 18, and I still don’t have it finished at 24. Recently I wrote a post all about this, so I’d love to finally box it all off in 2018.


Me and my boyfriend have decided to cut meat from our diets! Although I cut dairy out of my diet where I can, I never really made the effort to stick to a non meat diet. In 2018 I’d love to slowly cut meat out of my current diet. This is going to be one of the tougher things to do, but I really want to make a start on helping the environment, and this is one big way in which I can do so.


I know that a lot of brands in my make up case come from brands that test on animals, so in the NY I really want to address this and blog about finding cruelty free brands to use. This is also a step I want to take in order to be a bit more ethical.


I really want to read more next year! I'm hoping to aim for one book a month.


This is just a given...

What are your New Years Resolutions? Do you believe in them?


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