Coping with Dept During & After University

University is a wonderful new time for many of us. While it gives us the tools we need to truly develop ourselves in the wider world, it also gives us a wealth of new social experiences and strange new insights into how people are. It can also expose us to amazing new knowledge, and help us specialize down paths that we might otherwise not have. It can also help us learn about many social issues, and sometimes that could even lead to activism or protesting around issues you find important. I loved my time at Uni, I met some of the best people I know, and if I didn’t go I would never have become who I am now.

However, University is not always a positive. It’s no lie that despite the favourable loan conditions in the UK, and despite how preferable this is to the system in the United States, University can often saddle us with unwanted and unnecessary debt.

Coping with debt is something you need to keep in mind. Usually, a student will have a set allowance of funding and will have to keep that within a certain framework. The social cost of going out partying and spending money in the clubs is sometimes inevitable, and this can mean that often your student funding is dried up during a week in which you truly need groceries.


While going out partying is often an amazing time, especially with new friends you love, it can be difficult to say ‘no’ to even the most impromptu and irresponsible night out. Learn to say no, and learn to say it well. People you live with and people on your course will often beg you to come out with them, but if you haven’t the financial backing to do so, then it’s always best to refuse and spend the evening entertaining yourself in another way, such as through Netflix or reading. This might sound sad, but sometimes a little break here and there can help you when exam and revision season comes around.


Holding a weekend job at University has a whole host of benefits. From meeting new people to giving you more of a weekend schedule (that isn’t just getting through a hangover,) you can find that sometimes the effort of doing this is more than worth it. It will also give you some fresh new funding to experience weekly or monthly, and this can be more than perfect during a cash-strapped student lifestyle. Alternatively, time at Uni gives you the chance to find some work experience in the field you want – I was able to volunteer as a social media manager at Manchester Metropolitan University, which gave me the experience required to bag my first Copywriting job.


You’ve probably seen that heading in a million blogs dedicated to financial sense. A more insidious variety has sprung up lately, however, and that’s the student payday loan. These firms often offer a lump sum of cash for a larger payment when your student finance rolls around. This can be truly useful if you’re desperate, but often this can lead down a path of bad credit and default payments, then desiring the helpful use of the best debt consolidation loans. If you have sense, then try to only pay for things you afford, and earn the money you spend.

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