The British weather getting you down? Here are a few places that legit exist in the world (in Australia, to be exact). Bucket list worthy? 100%.


Let’s start with Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock. Sitting right in the heart of the country, this huge natural wonder is advertised all over Australian tour brochures and travel guides for good reason. It is the kind of attraction that needs to be seen to be believed, and you can take one of the various Uluru Ayers Rock tours to reach this part of the country. When the sun starts rising or setting, this is when the rock really comes to life, and it becomes bathed in red.


Out in Western Australia, the Kimberley features a diverse array of landscapes including waterways, gorges, rock pools, and sandy beaches. There are so many highlights, it is extremely difficult to pack them all into a single trip. One day you could be cruising along Lake Argyle, and the next you could be watching the sunset from the back of a camel in Broome. And make sure that you don’t miss the spectacular Bungle Bungle range in Purnululu National Park.


This is the kind of landscape that you would most naturally associate with South Australia, but rather than being barren, there are plenty of colours, sounds and sights to experience. You can also enjoy a host of adventure activities including mountain biking, taking a dip in thermal springs, four-wheel driving or taking a flight over the incredible scenery to take everything in properly.


While it may be a trek to get out here, the isolation of Longreach is one of the main appeals of visiting this remote Queensland town. Many people who visit this part of Australia come to enjoy one of the scenic river tours. But you can also happily spend a couple of days simply wandering around the museums, enjoying the food, and appreciating the sense of being far away from the rest of the world.


Back where we started in the Northern Territory, this national park is almost 20,000 square kilometres big, and it offers both ecological and biological diversity. Take a trip out here and you will start to appreciate why it is a World Heritage site. Even though it may seem like a sparse landscape, there are plenty of natural waterfalls and swimming holes where you can refresh yourself.