How to Stand Out in your Own Way

The last thing anyone wants to do is follow the crowd and wear the same items as everyone else. With that in mind, I thought I’d write a post about you can stand out in your own way! It’s not a complete guide, and there are lots of other ways you could achieve your goals, but here’s how I like to do it…


Your hair is often the first thing people notice when you meet them. So, it stands to reason that you’ll want it to look as memorable and funky as possible. Don’t make the mistake of going to see your hairdresser and showing her a photo of Kim Kardashian if you want to look unique.

Instead, you should ask the professional to come up with something original when you next pay for their services( according to HairStyle Connections ). If I had the lady balls, I’d dye my hair peach or pink, I’d love to stand out like that but I just don’t have the guts!


There are lots of places where you can purchase one-of-a-kind jewellery items these days, and so there is no excuse for visiting stores like Primark for your jewellery. Firstly, there is a decent chance you will encounter other people wearing the same items when you go for a night out on the town. That’s embarrassing, and it also makes you look like you don’t have any individual style. Instead, you should buy unique items or design them yourself. The new Jaubalet Paris guide to custom made jewellery is an excellent place to begin your research if you’ve never done that before. Just make sure you think outside of the box if you want to look your best. Etsy is also a great place for jewellery shopping!


It’s tempting to purchase your outfits from high street stores because the prices are always affordable. However, people who do that all end up looking the same when they wear their new clothing. So, you just need to become innovative and seek out small-time fashion designers that don’t get a lot of attention. All you need is some inspiration, a dash of imagination, and lots of motivation to succeed. You’ll pull off whatever you put your mind to, I promise.

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