Singapore: Photo by Fancycrave from Pexels

Singapore is the perfect choice for even the most stylish of travellers. As a city, state, and an island it is truly a place that you should visit if you are into the high-end lifestyle and a little luxury. Singapore is definitely somewhere I’d like to visit when I can, so I’ve put together a guide from the research I’ve done.


Singapore is a large and vibrant city, and that means there is a wide selection of things to do every day.


This should definitely be number 1 on your “to-do” list, the reason for this is that these gardens aren't quite like anything you have seen before. A well as the usual grassy and common areas, you will find a forest of supertrees too. Supertrees are huge structures built to resemble trees but that have solar panels to collect energy from them. Lit at night and covered in trailing vines, these sculptures-come-energy-sources are not to be missed. Especially in the daytime when you can get a real sense of how enormous and spectacular they are.


If enjoying a little stylish sophistication is more your style then you should definitely visit the Singapore Flyer on Raffles Ave. A Ferris wheel with a difference!

This is not a shabby neon-lit fairground ride, but a huge wheel with premium capsules that you can rent out privately for dinner, a champagne trip, and even for a butler-serviced high tea experience. Of course, you get the benefits of being able to see out all over the city too, and with some of the most interesting architecture about, this is a treat in itself you will remember.


Another daytime activity that rates high on many visitors' lists when they head to Singapore is to sample the delights of the myriad of street foods on offer. There’s a massive selection of quick and delicious bites to choose from, with the most enduringly popular being the spicy coconut soup called Laska.

Laska is hot and savoury and contains seafood, meats, or vegetables depending on your preference. One of the best places to get it is Sungei Road Laksa at Blk 27 Jalan Berseh. Just remember to ask for the seafood variety with cockles, as this is the best dish by all accounts.

Also, a word to the wise if you have your best suit on while sampling this treat, tuck a napkin into your collar! This is because if you spill this delicious yellow soup, it doesn't come out however many time you get it dry cleaned!


Now, no Singapore guide would be complete without discussing some of the amazing fashion shopping opportunities that are available to visitors. In fact, there are plenty of shopping areas and malls to choose from, but the jewel in the crown is truly the shops at Marina Bay Sands.

This is a shopping mall that is light, airy, and spacious. On the top floor, you will find a viewing gallery on which you can look out over the bay. Running along the bottom floor, you will be delighted by the gondolas that sail past in their own man-made river. Mad!


When the sun goes down Singapore is, as you would expect from such a large city, a fantastic place to spend your time. Choose from the nightclubs, restaurants, and the more unusual activities listed below.


Folks with a love of underground dance music will head straight for Zouk on River Valley Road. A hip yet not elitist place, it's a great choice for letting off some steam, and as its open to 4 am you can definitely make a good night of it.

If you are all about reaching for the lasers then Trace at Clarke Quay is the place for you. Here you’ll find dance music as well as hip-hop being played to a diverse crowd. Just remember that as in most clubs in Singapore drinks are expensive so preload before you go to get you in that party mood.

Although, it is useful to remember too that you can free up more money to spend on dancing the night away and other fun nights out if you get a reasonably priced HDB for rent that you can pay for monthly instead of overpaying for a city hotel. Then not only do you get to live immersed in the real culture of Singapore but you also you know exactly how much your accommodation will cost and can easily budget for all the other amazing experiences you want to have.


Before you head anywhere near the clubs you will probably want to refuel, luckily Singapore has a vast restaurant and eatery scene, so you won't be disappointed. 


Another top dining space that is popular with the in-crowd of locals and visitors alike is Les Amis. Expect French haute cuisine here in super stylish but not over the top infinite surroundings. The Brittany Blue Lobster Chartreuse and Le Canard De Challans are said to be almost divine!


Last of all if you are looking for something a little quieter to entertain you in the evenings, then you could do a lot worse than the Night Safari.

Choose to visit different zones to get the chance to see elephants or even fishing cats, but truly the most stylish option is the dining in the wild experience. Here, you get a tour of all the zones, as well as a gourmet 4-course meal and the chance to meet some exotic animals up close. This is all hosted in an open area with traditional safari tents to make the experience even more immersive.


After all your eating, clubbing, and safari adventures you may feel like all you really want to do is relax….


Firstly, a location that combines tranquillity with amazing architecture and a traditional Asian style is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum on South Bridge Road. There you can watch some of the traditional ceremonies like the medicine Buddha blessing ceremony, or you can walk around and drink in the colourful yet calming ambience of this still working temple.

The best thing is that it's free too, so if you have been hitting your wallet pretty hard since you arrived in Singapore, it might be a welcome relief. Although it's always worth leaving a small donation to help with the continued upkeep of the temple and the charitable works that they fund.