Travel Bucket List: How to Smash Your Goals

Anyone with a love of going away will likely have a travel bucket list. It’s the ideal way to get yourself excited for your travels to come and keep your plans going in the right direction. But, many of us make lists, and add to them, without ever crossing countries off. Sure, these are the places we would love to visit in an ideal world. But our bucket lists often have holes and become nothing more than another plan we never see through. Before you know it, that list which was meant to get you excited does nothing but bring you down. So, you slip it in a drawer and forget about it. You certainly stop adding countries which catch your eye. What’s the point, anyway?

When it comes to travel, the things which hold us back aren’t half as bad as we think. Here are some tips on how to smash through your Travel Bucket List Goals.


Let’s be honest; finances are the thing which set us back the most when it comes to travel. To get to those bucket list destinations, the chances are that you need a fair chunk of cash behind you. On top of that, you’ll need to stay a while to make the trip worth it. Before you know, you’re looking at a significant amount of your yearly earnings going on this holiday. But, where there is a will, there is always a way. In truth, financial holes are pretty easy to cover.

For one, you should sit down and find out just how much that trip looks set to cost you. We have a habit of rounding up amounts when considering cost, so the total may be less than you’re expecting. Bear in mind, too, that it’s possible to save by booking well in advance. As for your accommodation, you could always settle for hostels or other cheap options. Anything which makes this possible is worth doing.

Once you have a number to play with, you can set about saving. Bear in mind that this can take as long as it needs to, as long as you keep your eye on the goal. It may be that you have to take two years to save up. So be it. Remain strict with the amount you put by each month, and the time will pass before you know it.


Fear is another thing which often holds us back. Dreams are strange. We write them down and make them a focus for our lives, while not taking steps towards achieving them. And, your travel bucket list may be no different. It’s possible you’re making a note of those destinations for the sake of it. Actually visiting them would mean putting yourself out there. It could also mean solo travel or risking friendships to go together. It might even mean longer flights than you’ve ever had to deal with and a culture which is worlds away from what you’re used to. One thing’s sure; bucket list destinations are rarely a home away from home. We feel the desire to visit countries because of the differences which keep us afraid of them. Destinations like India and Japan often feature, because we can’t get our heads around the way such countries differ from our own. We want to see it for ourselves, but we’re petrified of coping when we do.

It may sound strange, but fears rarely materialise. As such, you’re better off focusing on the technicalities of how you can make the trip happen. Once you do, there’s a distinct chance that you’ll find your fears disappear when you face them. Merely have courage, and know that the experiences you’ll open yourself up to will well outweigh any of the worries you have.


For those big, once in a lifetime trips, time is a valid concern. We all lead busy lives, work high-stress jobs, and find it difficult to book a week off here or there. So, how can you expect to make time for a weighty trip like this? Your boss surely wouldn’t be happy with you swanning off in the sun for a month or more, right?

Time is another one of those things with no easy fix. You can’t make more of it, no matter how hard you try. But, that shouldn’t be a reason not to follow your wanderlust. As mentioned above – there’s always a way if you have the will to do it. Much like with money matters, planning here is crucial if you want things to work out. And yes, we are talking a year or more again. By broaching the issue with your boss at least a year before your trip, you can ensure they have PLENTY of warning. This way, they can plan temporary cover, or ensure they distribute the workload evenly. If you feel bad about this, don’t. You’re entitled to your time off, and it’s up to you whether you want to take it all at once or not. The chances are, anyway, that your boss will more than support what you’re doing given enough notice. We all have a bucket list like this, after all, and they’ll be glad you’re taking steps to clear yours.

Of course, for some trips, the time you need may exceed your holiday allowance. This does make things more difficult, but it’s still possible to make this work. Many employers boast flexible working and may be able to offer you the time unpaid. While not ideal, budgeting for this will ensure you can still make your trip work. To sell the idea to your boss, you could offer to do some work while you’re away. Remote working is easier than ever in the modern age. All you’d need is a laptop and an internet connection.


Of course, it isn’t always the technicalities which hold us back. Sometimes, we just can’t turn our attention to a task. In all honesty; planning a big trip like this is hard work. It involves more organisation than you could ever imagine. Far from the simple flight and hotel booking of a traditional holiday, you’ll need to consider a fair amount. For one, a long trip usually involves moving around a fair bit. You’ll need to ensure you have somewhere to stay at every stage of your journey. Plus, you’ll need to plan your travel itinerary. As this is the trip of a lifetime, it’s essential you see everything you want to see. As if all that isn’t enough, you’ll also need to work out how much spending money you’ll need to get by, and so on. It’s enough to give you a headache just thinking about it.

Again, though, you can make this task easier by approaching it well in advance. Set up a file on your computer, or create a scrapbook of plans. Then, break the job into one or two things at a time. This makes things much easier to cope with and ensures you tackle everything you need to. And, the extra time allows you to take it slowly. There’s no need to rush when you know you’ve still got a long time before your trip becomes a reality.

If you can’t bear to tackle the planning, there are ways around the issue. You could turn to a tour company who can do all the hard stuff for you. Instead of worrying about making time during your China trip to see The Great Wall, The Three Gorges, and anything else, book up on one of the China Tours offered by companies like Travelsphere. Don’t worry about getting around Australia during your time there. Book yourself onto a trip which allows you to see everything from the Sydney Opera House, to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a hassle-free and fantastic way to get to those prominent destinations.


Your reluctance to tackle the bucket list could always be down to plain lack of motivation. It’s all well and good saying you want to see these places, but doing something about it is never easy. In case you hadn’t realised, it’s not always easy embarking on something like this. But, if it means enough to you, it’s essential to find your motivation from somewhere. Keep researching your destinations, and jotting down locations you have a real desire to see. You could even print off pictures, and pin them on a motivation board to ensure you get to it someday soon!

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