Birthstones and Their Meaning

Ever since I was little I was fascinated by birthstones and
their meanings. I like having something that’s dedicated to my birthday,
whether it be a star sign or colour or stone. Here is a list of birthstones and
their meanings, for anyone else who’s interested!


Garnet is commonly red in colour, however, it can come in a
range of other hues such as greens and yellows. This little gem resembles a
seed in shape and symbolizes truth and faith in a handful of cultures. In
crystal healing, it’s used to purify and cleanse a space or aura, and can help
you gain mental focus when used in meditation. It’s also thought that Garnet
can encourage mental growth and wealth.


My birthday month! I love Amethyst in colour, texture and
meaning. It’s one of the more unique gems throughout the birthstones and
looks beautiful in jewellery, homeware and more. Recently, I was gifted this
gemstone candle from Gemporia as a birthday present. It smells like nothing I’ve
ever smelt before, and has actual gemstones in the wax, which float when you
burn the candle. This is lovely to burn during yoga practice or meditation,
especially if you’re a Piscean like myself.


A beautiful pale blue in colour, Aquamarine is said to hold
spiritual properties (and was once thought to be the treasure of mermaids). The
stone is also connected to both the moon and the sea, making it the perfect
birthstone for a dreamy Pisces. If this is your birthstone, it’s a really good
idea to wear jewellery with this stone present. It’s said to improve clarity,
relationships and peace within yourself.


Diamond has long been associated with love, and this is
because of its longevity. The diamond is strong and is often used as a crown
chakra as well as in thoughtful meditation.

In meditation, it’s thought that Diamonds can assist in clearing mental fog when it comes to matters of the heart, and provide help with finding
the right person in your life. If you’re thinking of using Diamond during
meditation, keep it close to your body (this can include within jewellery) and
light white candles in the room. Using a floral smudge stick may also aid in
unblocking thoughts and processes in the mind.


Emerald comes in bright green tones, making it common in
jewellery. But this stone is anything but common. When it comes to chakras, it
represents mercy, compassion and universal love. This usually places the
Emerald as a heart stone, and can be placed on your chest during meditation to
cultivate your compassion and love for others.

If you’re looking for some insight into yourself, this is a
great gemstone to meditate with, as it is said to ease blockages and promote
ease within yourself.


Pearls are found in molluscs and are formed from layers of
sand or small parasites. It may sound off-putting, but pearls are considered
great treasures, which is why they’re found in jewellery. Pearls come in all
colours, and their shade is dependent on their environment.

When it comes to meaning, it’s thought Pearls signify wisdom
and strength, which is why they’re great to wear on you during your day to day


Rubies are considered highly precious and are one of the most
sought after stones in the world. They’re associated with life and death as well
as passion, which is why they’re perfect to have in meditation if you’re
looking for motivation or a way out of mental fog. I find that Rubies help when
taking part in mindful meditation. Simply place a Ruby near you, light Lotus
incense and settle your mind.


In Egyptian tradition, Peridot was called the gem of the sun.
One of the only gems to be defined by its distinct colour, Peridot is bright
green and is striking to the eye. It’s said that Peridot helps to aid optimism
and positive attitude, as well as mental strength.


Sapphire can come in a range of colours, however, it is most
noted in history for being a deep hue of blue. Used in protection spells,
Sapphire is said to protect the wearer from spiritual attacks and help with


Opal is a delicate stone and can be characterized by its
dreamy looking exterior. Opal stones can be found in a range of colours,
however, its most associated colour is white/translucent. This stone, when used
in spellcasting or meditation, is said to help with creativity and self-confidence. However, it has been said that Opal stones will take your negative
thoughts, magnify them, and send them back your way. This isn’t malicious, but
it’s intended to teach you not to dwell on bad thoughts – and that the good
thoughts you put into the universe will find their way back to you down the


Topaz is mostly colourless, however, you can find Topaz
stones in a range of colours, with Imperial Topaz (orange in colour) being the
most sought after Topaz stone today. It has long been thought that Topaz
soothes and heals when used in spell casting and that it can promote clarity in
the mind. It’s also common practice to have Topaz present when self-reflecting
on your self-confidence.


Ancient cultures considered this stone highly valuable and
sacred. This was due to its protective properties. In rituals, it’s used to purify the spirit and
dispel negative energies that surround the spell caster. It’s also thought that
this stone balances negative energies in your chakra.

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