Planning the Ultimate American Girls Road Trip

It’s part of every girl’s bucket list. It’s clichéd, overdone and stereotypical, but that doesn’t stop us wanting a piece of the action. I’d love to go on a girls road trip throughout the states, so I thought I’d write up my dream American roadtrips!


What makes this so special is its heritage. This century-old highway was built with one thing in mind: mind-blowing scenery, and in that sense, it delivers big time.

Every stretch of road you hit could belong in a Hollywood movie, the view in the rearview mirror made up of dust and magic. Open plains, mountain views, waterfalls and Timberline Lodge, a classic mountain park hotel that fits so well with the trip.


This is for those that are looking for something different, something that can be done in a day but lasts a lifetime. On paper, it’s nothing more than fifty miles of highway from point A to point B. But in reality, waking up at the Albuquerque Marriott, stepping into your classic car and heading to Santa Fe on the Turquoise Trail will see you fly through 15,000 square miles of natural beauty, unique attractions and quirky little towns…


Trucking from Illinois to California is the Godmother of road trips. It’s classic. It’s the one road trip that is wired into every free-spirits psyche; the road trip that every girl who’s ever read a Kerouac book or watched Thelma and Louise will always imagine.

The scenery is inspiring. Of course, your foot will be desperate to get to the Southwest, but don’t neglect the first part of the journey. There are some amazing stops to be had in Illinois too.


It’s only 120-miles between Miami and Key West, but there is something magical about roaring across this stretch of tarmac. It’s almost as if you’re hovering over the ocean, each bridge and causeway tampering with how you perceive reality. Sure, you could eat this piece of road up in a few hours. But don’t. Enjoy the stops along the way.

Anywhere you would love to travel to across America?

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