Easter Party Ideas

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for Easter! Hot Cross Buns, Roast Dinner on Sunday and let’s not forget about Easter Eggs. As an agnostic, I don’t really believe in the story behind Easter, but I do believe in a four day weekend (and in reasons to party), so here is a range of Easter Party Ideas! Some are family friendly, and some are for those who just need an excuse to drink with their mates…

Easter Egg Hunty

If you’re having family over this weekend, why not give the little ones (and some of the adults) some adventure? Hide Easter eggs, toys, and mini chocolate bars around the house. Give each member of the family who wants to participate in the Egg Hunt a basket, and let them loose! To add a bit more fun to the mix, why not give the participants clues as to where some of the hiding places are. You could make up riddles, rhymes and poems to ensure that all the eggs are found in time for dinner! For added fun, you could decorate the house with bunting, bunny motifs and pastel coloured eggs – which you can paint at home yourself (if you’re the crafty type, that is). Ensuring fun for the whole family, an egg hunt is sure to get appetites going…

Garden Party

If you’re throwing a more adult themed get together this weekend (and the weather permits it), why not throw yourself a garden party? With affordable Garden Furniture available at the touch of a button, it has never been easier to throw a sophisticated garden party, complete with cocktails of course, for you and your friends.

Dinner Party

If you’re limited for space in the garden, bring the party indoors and celebrate Easter with a feast! When I eventually have my own place, I’m going to be all over the dinner party hype. I can’t wait to create my own menus, bake desserts and come up with weird and wonderful ways to cook without meat! If you’re really into the idea of an Easter Dinner Party, you could also decorate with bunting and egg motifs all around the house and the dinner table!

Bonfire Party

Who said bonfires were for Autumn? If your garden is big enough, why not celebrate Easter and the beginning of new things by hosting a bonfire? Paired with hot chocolate, sparklers, and warm blankets, welcome in the new season with loved ones in this cosy inspired Easter Party Idea.

Yoga & Meditation

If you’re into your yoga and meditation like me, why not invite some friends around on Sunday morning for the ultimate retreat experience? If the weather permits it, you could set out a haven in the garden with candles, flavoured tea, incense, blankets and yoga mats all ready for your guests. Personally, I’ll be opening my Easter celebrations with a sun salutation on Sunday morning! Easter is a time for new and wonderful things in your life, so I like to recognize that with morning yoga and meditation session, followed by a warm mug of tea!

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