Guide to Proposing in London: Quirky Venues

When I was younger, I wasn’t really into weddings. I was convinced that it was some sort of sham. The parents of nearly all of my friends had either separated or divorced, and I was really convinced that marriage would end in heartbreak. It wasn’t until I was older that I saw what a marriage could be.

My parents have been married for 36 years, and my grandparents were married for 62 years. Thinking about this made me realise that when you get married, you get married for so much more than love. You marry your best friend, someone who makes you laugh, someone who looks after you and you look after them. It’s a promise to be there more than anything, and that’s something I can really get behind. Also, I’m like a magpie, if you give me anything expensive and shiny I’m going to be happy!¬† In the same vein, I’d also love to be proposed to somewhere magical. My ideal proposal place? Disneyland. Because I’m a giant cliche. Other than that, I can think of some amazing places in London where I think being proposed to would be so wonderful…

Proposals in London

With so many places to choose from in regards to proposing in London, I really want to explore the quirky side of London in this post. Yeah, you could get married n Hyde Park, in front of Buckingham Palace, or at a swanky after theatre restaurant, but what about behind the scenes? I’m talking about the quirky places only celebrities visit, or the backdoor bars that are so secret you need a password to enter. These are the types of places that take my eye!

Sketch, Mayfair

With eccentric decor and a menu to die for, I can’t even imagine how amazing it would feel to be proposed to in this building. I particularly love the blush pink dining room with the crazy prints and tea sets. Sketch can be pricey, but worth it for the right occasion…

Gods Own Junkyard


If you plan on turning your proposal into an engagement photo shoot, I can’t think of anywhere more unusual and quirky than Gods Own Junkyard. Situated just outside of the city centre, this warehouse is full of neon signs, making it the perfect opportunity for an impromptu engagement photo shoot.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

If you’re looking to impress, then this bar is the way to go. When heading here, you will need to ask staff for The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. Only then will you be let into this lucrative upscale bar

Evans & Peel

Is your partner into their murder mysteries? Then look no further than Evans & Peel. This bar and restaurant captivate its audience by including them in a murder mystery. Not only will you receive¬†clues, but you might also be given a new identity…

The Aviary Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

If you’re still looking for quirk, but want that extra something about your proposal, then consider trying the amazing cocktails of The Aviary. With sprawling views of London and a calm atmosphere, this is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet corner of London to surprise your partner in.

After the proposal, it’s on to searching for the perfect wedding event planners. I personally can’t wait for this, as much as I deny it, I really like the thought of planning a huge party to celebrate me and my love. Everyone is different, and I think that’s what makes each wedding so unique and special.

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