My Blogging Goals for 2018

At the beginning of the year, I noticed a lot of bloggers sharing their blogging goals for the year. At the time, I decided to create a post on my overall resolutions, the majority of which are going well! Now that we’re in April, I’ve been taking a look at my writing, my blog and my following, and really giving a think as to what I really want to explore on this website. I originally just wanted it as a space for myself online – but I actually think it’s evolved into a lot more than that.

Move to Wordpress

I think one step I definitely need to make this year is to Wordpress. Although Blogger has been great for me finding my feet, I think it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. I work with Wordpress in my current job, and I think it’s much easier to explore and write on. There are also so many plugins and ways to be creative on there. I also think there’s a bigger community on Wordpress, and I’d love to read and follow more blogs on there as time goes by.

Find my Niche

At the moment, my niche is very much a lifestyle blog. I write about a range of things, but I’m hoping I can find something to focus on and take it further. Right now, I’m thinking about mental health & plus size posts might be my think. So maybe Mental Health, Plus Size Fashion and Beauty Blogger? I quite like the sound of that. I love writing my travel posts, but right now I just don’t know if I want to be a “travel blogger”. I feel like I have so much more to talk about that doesn’t involve a #humblebrag about where I’m going to… I don’t know, maybe a rebrand is in order? Who doesn’t love a re-birth moment.

Become more Confident in Myself

One thing I’d love to do this year is explore my fashion sense. I’ve always had this mentality of “oh well I’ll buy the clothes I want once I lose the weight”, and it’s gotten to a point where I’ll only wear leggings and a t-shirt, when really I want so much more than that in my wardrobe. I’m actually hoping that writing about plus size fashion will help me to embrace my style a bit more – so it’s something that definitely ties in with my blog!

Start Vlogging

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. I’ve had blogger/vlogger friends tell me to do this before and I’d really like to explore the creative side of vlogging more than anything. I also think it would give me a good platform to talk about my eczema, share my tips for dry skin and generally put a little bit of personality into my blog too. One thing that holds me back from doing it at the moment is the negativity. I hate trolls online, but unfortunately they’re something most people have to deal with. Hopefully building my confidence will help me find a way to get into vlogging this year!


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