Overcoming Heartbreak & Moving On

As we’re coming into spring, it’s a good time to start thinking about new love, romances, and letting go of past heartbreaks. I’ve been as close to heartbreak as I could be – and it’s hard to bounce back from it in all honestly. I’ve been cheated on, hurt, felt unrequited love in a big way, but I’m finally happy and moving forward in my life – and today I feel like talking about how you can move on from heartbreak as well. It isn’t easy to get over someone, but there are steps you can take in order to start feeling like yourself again. It’s important to know that you’ll get there because although you feel awful now, you’ll be yourself again (I promise).

Get Out There

Now I know its 2018, and nearly everything is done online nowadays in terms of dating, but first I wanted to mention that it is possible to find someone irl. I met my now boyfriend when he was working behind a bar. I was extremely drunk and we found that we had similar friendship circles. Ever since I met him we tended to bump into each other a lot, and after a while, I asked him out. If you’re a gal and you’re waiting for someone to ask you out, just do it yourself. It saves a lot of hassle/waiting and the worst he/she can say is no… But I digress. My point is that you don’t have to be online to find the person of your dreams. Get out there, try speed dating, look for events, meetups and more. Sometimes you can just click with someone right away. Even if you’re just heading out with the girls, prepping yourself can give you some confidence if you bump into someone you really fancy!

The Millennial Approach

If “getting out there” isn’t your style, why don’t you try chatting to people online via a free dating site? When me and my ex broke up a few years ago, I wasn’t really in a good place, but I found that meeting people online gave me a bit more confidence and that if I wanted to go on a date after a few weeks of chatting, I could do. Tinder was very much for hookups, which is something I wasn’t looking for really, but sites like We Love Dates was a good place to find people to chat to without any pressure. The company also offer advice on dating and support the “Ask for Angela” Campaign, which gives you a way out of a date if you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable at any time.

Take some Time for Yourself

Sometimes, you might feel that moving on from heartbreak is something that should be done alone. It’s completely understandable after all; you need to embrace a love for yourself before letting someone else into your life. My advice for this is ensuring that you introduce self care into your life. Starting healthy habits is a way to encourage peace and happiness, and I’ve found that taking some time for me is one of the best things I can do for my mental health.

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