5 Exotic Food Destinations to Visit around the World

If you’re a food lover like me, you’ll find yourself exploring the local cuisine when you’re abroad. I tend to look for authentic restaurants and deli’s selling the weird and wonderful. Of course, this has led to some bad stomach problems…But for the majority of the time, I’m glad I’ve tried something I never would at home! I thought I’d write up a post today about the weird and wonderful food I’ve tried from around the world, and add in some crazy delicacies that you can find around the world on your own travels too. Some of the food I tried in this post was eaten before I understood the meat trade, the extent of animal cruelty, and when I ate meat without a second thought. Although I have tried some of these, I am currently switching to a meat-free lifestyle, so I’ll add some crazy Vegan food wonders below too!


Cyprus is well known for its cuisine, and some of the weirdest food you will find in the world will come from here. When I was around 12, me and my parents went to Cyprus for our summer holiday. One night, we decided to leave the hotel and find a local restaurant offering traditional Meze dishes. As they arrive one by one, a particular dish caught my eye. It was obviously a meat, but the dish had garlic and therefore I was automatically sold. After trying the meat, I found it to be really tender and flavoursome… I was later told that it was goats brain. It made me gag a little, but it was definitely an experience!

Other dishes you can find in Cyprus include Calamari (fried squid). When I first saw this dish, I assumed it was a plate of onion rings… I was wrong. You’ll also find a range of char-grilled meat and mint dishes in tradition Cyprus Meze, it’s something to try at least once! There aren’t many veggie and vegan options in this region, unfortunately, but vegetable skewers are usually delicious in Cypriot cuisine.


One place I have always wanted to visit is Japan. Known for its magical food such as sushi, Japan’s restaurants also offer experiences like no other. Take a look at the Robot Cafe – diners get to see live action robot dances whilst they eat, and if this isn’t the coolest thing you have ever heard of, then you are, in fact, wrong. Paired with the mad chocolate and sweet options available, I’d say Japan is number 1 on my exotic and crazy food destinations. Japan is yet to move forward with their meat dishes, and Vegan options are less likely to be found in mainstream restaurants. However, you will find small cafes and independent eateries that offer wonderful Vegan dishes.


Sri Lanka is another place I would love to travel to for its cuisine. My boyfriend’s grandparents visit Sri Lanka every year and praise the cuisine whenever they come home. From shrimp fritters to coconut and vanilla curry, Sri Lankan cuisine ranges in taste, which makes it a popular destination for food lovers all over the world. It also has a beautiful atmosphere, making it perfect for couple getaways with Destination2 Adult Only Holidays.


Oysters in Borough Market, London
So, London doesn’t have many traditional foods per say (unless you count fish and chips) but the capital is home to hundreds and bizarre restaurants offering up a range of strange and delicious dishes. The first time I actually tried oysters was in London… Okay so I hated them, but at least I got to try some of the best money could buy!

Ever wanted to try an ox-cheek doughnut at 4 am? Duck and Waffle is your go to. After pork belly and mescal? Find La Bodega Negra hidden behind an adult sex shop… The possibilities to find exotic food really are endless in London, which is why it shouldn’t be missed off of your travel bucket list when you’re looking for crazy and exotic food destinations.


On another holiday with my parents, to Zakynthos, I was surprised to see Swordfish on the menu. I had never seen a dish like this on the menu before, so I thought I’d try it! I can’t explain the taste, only that it doesn’t taste like fish haha. It falls somewhere between chicken and fish – but when cooked in garlic and herbs, my god is it delicious.

Where we stayed in particular, we found that so many seafront restaurants offered amazing dishes, and I can’t recommend the island enough. The people were amazing, the atmosphere was chilled, and the exotic food was perfect.

This is a collaborative post.


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