Designing my Dream Home

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I love interior design. I always plan how a room will look, and if it doesn’t look perfect I literally lose it. In University I spent months planning what my new room would look like. I picked out the prints, candles, duvet covers and lampshades way too early, but I just couldn’t control my excitement!

A little while ago, I actually redecorated my room at home. I currently still live with my parents, so I really wanted to make space my own when I came back to University. Now that I’m in a stable job, I’m getting the itch to move out again. Not that I don’t love living at home, I actually really love it, but sometimes I just really want a space that I can create and make my own. Below is how I would design my dream home when I move out! Of course, this is all my fantasy, if I was to do this all at once I’d need a lot of money. Of course, an instant loan can help during a time of need, and it’s something I’ll definitely consider when I buy a house in the future!

The Living Room

So for my living room, I’d want it to be a super cosy looking place. For me, this means mood lighting, lots of cushions, and a fabric sofa. At home, we’ve always had leather sofas, and I’ve found in summer that they just aren’t comfortable! I also think that fabric sofas are a lot more welcoming. In terms of colour, I would splash some light grey on the walls with baby pink accents. It sounds very blogger-esque, but my metallic colours in the room would be silver and deep grey, just to give it that welcoming vibe!

I would also love a gallery wall in my living room, filled with prints from artists that I love such as Color Berry which I actually found today and have fallen in love with.

The Dining Room/Kitchen

I love the idea of having a large dining room. I would want a space where I can invite my family around for Christmas or have my friends around for Mexican and Movies. Saying this, I wouldn’t want it to look too fancy. I would love to have a garden picnic bench (stick with me!) I’d paint it a deep grey, DIY cushions on the seats and install a low hanging silver light to draw focus. I feel like it would be such a cute idea.


I absolutely love baths. I would have one every day if I could, but since my parents got rid of ours, I have to get one at my boyfriend’s house when I can. If I was given a blank slate, I would 100% add a large standalone bathtub in my bathroom. You know, the ones you always see in the BBC period dramas.

Separately, I would install something from the Insignia Shower Enclosures Range, just because they look so luxurious, along with a heated towel rack to heat my towels on in winter whilst I shower.

The Bedroom

I love my bedroom at home so much, which is why I would probably continue with the grey and pink theme in a new home. I really like how well the colours compliment each other, and we all know pink is my favourite colour…I’d also keep my neon sign, or invest in a bigger one (similar to Kourtney Kardashians).

The Garden

Although Summer only occurs for like 5 days here in the UK, I would love a garden that has a pizza oven and comfortable seating. I love the look of outdoor seating that has comfy cushions – think 80’s Italian vibes. Plenty of foliage mixed with beautiful textures. I would love to sit in my garden of an evening with a glass of wine, I can’t think of anything better.

In the winter, I would obviously like to save on my heating bills (without having to freeze to death in the process). I would probably take a look at getting some new cheap windows (depending on the house I end up in). Double glazing really reduces energy bills, and they serve to help the environment by trapping heat inside the house!

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  1. Victoria Fisher

    September 28, 2018 at 10:31 am

    I love the bedroom section. grey and pink duvets is nice.

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