Designing my Dream Office

One day, I really want to be either freelance or be so deep into my writing career that I can have a cute little office in my house. I have it all planned out. What kind of desk I would have, what accessories and how I would have the décor. I think that having your own office if the perfect place to escape to if you want to get some work done, hold meetings, or even read a book away from the main areas in the house. I also believe that every writer should have space in the house where he or she can escape to in order to embrace their creative writing process and write to their heart’s content, either on a laptop or an old school typewriter.

Here are some of the things I would have in my dream office…

Desk & Chair

Ideally, I would love a giant armchair that I can curl up onto when I’m tired, but I also really love the look of modern office chairs in bright colours. I think what I ultimately choose will depend on how I feel at the time, but I’m definitely into comfort over style.

Have you ever seen the large high backed leather chesterfield chairs in old Hollywood movies? I absolutely love the look of them, but with modern decor, I’m unsure as to how it would mesh in my dream office.

The Perfect Lighting

I really dislike that, in some offices, there are those fluorescent lights that can make you feel nauseous and tired. In my dream office, I’d really like something from a design light shop. Paired with an ambient glow and extravagant fixture, lighting would really improve the overall look of the room. Choosing the right Lighting Designer can not only improve a space, but I believe it can improve your mood, as you end up enjoying the environment that you’re working in.

I don’t know about you, but I end up daydreaming when I’m in my creative process. In my current place of work, I have a wall to look at – but I can’t wait to have interesting art and lighting fixtures to look at when I’m brainstorming.

Coffee Machine

I would absolutely love to A. own a Coffee Love Coffee Machine, and B. know how to actually use it. I just think it would be so nice to take myself away from work every now and then and grab a coffee. In my imaginary future home, I have large windows like the one in the picture above, and I can imagine staring out onto the scenery whilst I collect my thoughts – with a beautiful coffee in hand, of course.

Modern Decor

As well as cool prints and artwork from my friends and favourite artists, I’d also love Experience 3D Resin Flooring, plants and succulents everywhere and my record player, along with my vinyl collection, on show in one corner. Imagine extremely modern decor mixed with vintage twists. I’d also like the look of the room to be minimal and chic, something that you might find in Vogue magazine.

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