Garden Party Ideas

Can you believe how hot it is today? I’m currently wondering why I choose to be a big emo with a black wardrobe on days like this…But in all honesty, I love this weather. I love sitting out in the sun with a cold drink, spending time with friends or family, and soaking in the 10 minutes of summer we get here in the UK. It might be time to start thinking of garden party ideas…

It’s coming up to summer, a time when we sit in the sun until well after dark and enjoy ourselves with loved ones. So why not plan some garden parties for the next few weeks, until the sun decides to slip away that is…


Everyone loves a BBQ, and when it gets warm, we Brits love to get our grill on. When I have my own place, I plan on buying a huge BBQ for my garden, where I can grill meat and vegetarian dishes alike. I’ll also make my own sangria, string up some festoon lights and invite my closest friends to join me.

It’s tempting to bash out the disposable BBQ’s, but take a look at the deals in local supermarkets. You might just find an amazing grill for a knockdown price. BBQ’s always top my garden party ideas lists as they appeal to most people and just smell amazing.

Outdoor Screening

I love this idea, and it’s perfect if you have a bigger garden. To pull this off, you’ll first need a projector and some speakers. You’ll also need a laptop so you can connect the two to it. Next, create comfy corners, seating areas and private cuddle dens with blankets, pillows and hay seating.

Paired with fairy lights, this is the perfect atmosphere for a summer evening in the garden, or evening for a night with your partner, snuggling under the stars and watching Disney films.

Cocktails & Fairy Lights

If you’re looking for something a little more high class on a budget, or if you’re looking to throw a party for a special occasion this summer, cocktails are the way to go. Luxury summer furniture from Lagoon is one way to spruce up any garden space, and installing a bar will take your party to that extra length. Personally, I would be making Long Island Ice Tea and blasting out some summer tunes…

Beer & Firepits

Although luxury evenings are beautiful, sometimes you just want to sit around with friends and put the world to rights. I love the idea of having a feature fire pit in my garden. Imagine sitting around with all of your friends just talking over a beer and feeling cosy by the fire. The perfect song for this garden party idea is Wildfire by John Mayer…

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