How to Take Steps Towards Ethical and Modern Living

Depending on our beliefs, religion and other factors, we have a different perspective on modern living. But what about ethical living? Over the years, the ethical lifestyle has been prodded at, joked about and portrayed in film and TV as something only “hippies” partake in. But what happens beyond the stereotype? This week marks my 3 months milk free milestone, and I’m SO proud of myself. Although I eventually want to live a more plant-based diet, the thought of going straight to an all vegan diet just didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to start cutting out unethical items slowly, replacing products one by one, and choosing dairy-free milk has been a huge step for me (and my relationship with food). If you don’t agree with me, that’s totally okay, but I really don’t believe in the mistreatment, abuse, and murder of animals. Up until a few years ago, I was quite complacent in my want to eat meat – I even made fun of vegans, but now that I’m older, I see the harmful way that animals are treated by us, and how their slaughter can contribute to issues in our environment. But are there other ways to live an ethical and modern lifestyle away from the vegan propaganda? What about lifestyle choices, clothing or interiors? Can we be ethical in all parts of our lives? I think it’s entirely possible!


For many mass-produced clothing stores (like Primark for example) their clothing is made in countries that exploit young workers. Their wages can sometimes equate to 10p an hour, which is so shocking and appalling that it makes sense to try ethical clothing when you can. Of course, Primark offer cheaper options, clothing-wise, and not everyone can afford more pricey ethical brands. Unfortunately, it’s just the way in which the world works, but if you can afford something a little more ethical, then check out brands such as People Tree and Komodo, who offer fair trade organic clothing. Alternatively, why not try and make your own clothes, or make your own mark in the world and try your hand at Organic T Shirt Printing? Many inks can harm our environment, which is why printing with special ink that doesn’t contain toxins is a great way to help our environment.


Now, you may think that ethical homeware is hard to find, and you’d be right. Not only this, but a lot of items can be pricey. However, sites like Natural Collection and Nkuku offer some amazing statement pieces for your home that are ethical and part of the fair trade agreement. Alternatively, there are other ways to embrace a more ethical way of living, and that’s by ensuring that your home runs efficiently. For example, choosing LED lighting over traditional light bulbs can save money on your monthly electrical bill, and takes a lesser toll on our environment. When I (eventually) have my own place, I’ll be installing a uk made roof lantern. Not only are they beautiful, but they let in natural light, can be triple glazed, and withstand some of the worst British weather.


There are so many Vegan make up brands on the scene at the moment, and it’s so good that there are many more embracing vegan formulas. Up until a few years ago, vegan and ethical makeup products where pretty much unheard of, and I’m so glad that this is changing! Popular brands like Jeffree Star and Spectrum all offer beautiful vegan products. I’m currently in the process of switching out my brands for more vegan-friendly formulas! Now, obviously making an ethical change can be daunting, not to mention pricey, but small changes over time can make such a great impact!

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