Bump N’ Grind with Love Drop

So as part of my ongoing collaboration with Love Drop, I’ve been asked to review their 2nd box to date! Not only this, but I want to talk about spicing it up away from the bedroom. When you associate sex with the bedroom only, you’ll find that your sex life can become repetitive. Finding ways to be sexy outside of the bedroom (and sometimes outside of the house) can be a huge thrill, and can work wonders for your relationship. This months box actually encourages some “out of the bedroom” play, and you’ll see why in a minute.

First of all, I want to say how pretty this box is. The first box I reviewed for Love Drop came in a brown box, and this one really gives you a more deviant feel, especially with the black confetti to match. I also want to point out that you get an amazing chocolate bar with this box as well, but as I’m greedy, I ate it when I opened the box…10/10 would devour again.

One of the first things you notice in this months box is the delicate grey cases. Inside are stimulating toys to spice up any evening with your partner. The Hera Cock Ring (RRP £25) only vibrates when it comes into contact with skin. With that in mind, teasing your partner would be super easy, and can make both of you last a little longer.

The Clio Love Balls (RRP £20), which can be seen on the right of the image, are something I super recommend for wearing on a date. The idea is that the balls will both tone your pelvic floor and build your desire – you really won’t be able to stop yourself from jumping on your partner the first chance you get after wearing these!

Some other goodies in this months box include a Lelo moisturiser and the tag book above by Kutuu. This is a cute little game you can play together, and at the end, you’ll have a little book to look through and remind yourself of why your partner is so special to you.

Along with prompt cards and some dating challenges, this months box really aims to bring you out of your comfort zone. When trying some of these products, why not have sex in a different room – or get a hotel room for the night, there’s always something about hotel rooms that can get you so turned on… But anyway, you should definitely try out this brand, I think they’re innovative and really aim to bring couples together sexually – check them out and get £5 off your first box here!

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