Modern Home Improvements that Make Your House Stand Out

At the moment I’ve gone house mad. I love looking at houses, designing my dream home from top to bottom and imagining myself all settled when I (eventually) move out from my mum and dad’s house. It’s even at a point where I think about how I would redesign my mum and dad’s house as well! Here are some of my top tips when it comes to modern home improvement. Knowing me, I’ll eventually move into a new place and actually have no idea what to do with it. I can’t wait to find out though.


Now, I’m not talking 70’s psychedelic carpets or shaggy rugs. I mean really modern and sleek marble or Stunning Resin Flooring. Having your statement piece in a room be your flooring can really bring a modern aspect to your interiors – especially if they have a matte or shiny finish.


I love me some statement art. Whether they’re local artist prints on Etsy or stand-alone pieces from my favourite photographer, I think that art makes a room stand out and really draws your attention to it. Not only this, but it makes a room seem more homely (in my opinion). Blank walls can either be completely boring or totally modern, it really depends on how you look at it.


Sometimes a chandelier or curved reading lamp can make a room pop. I’ve always said that lighting is a big factor in what makes a room feel more comfortable, and that’s something I’ll always stick by! Warm tones are ideal for making welcoming vibes, and to me, it’s one of the main things of what makes a house a home.


Now, who doesn’t love an accent wall? They’re becoming slightly dated, but a pastel pink gallery wall will always be timeless to me. They’re great for hanging on pieces of artwork, placing your television, if its wall mounted, or hanging up family pictures!

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