My Dream Wedding…

Now, I could blame this post on Say Yes to the Dress (which I’ve been watching a lot of lately) or I can be truthful. I super love weddings – I always have and I always will. And for those who remember the angry “I’ll never get married” Gina from Uni, you met a heartbroken little shit. The truth is, I love the idea of getting married. I have it all planned out in my head – to a certain extent. I know the kind of dress I want, the theme, the venue…It’s practically all sorted! Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Confetti, I have so many mood boards for my dream day – so I just wanted to create a little post all about it.


I’m still adamant that Kate Middleton stole my dress idea, but her dress is my ideal wedding dress! I love long sleeves, lacey bodies and a high neckline. I really want my tattoos to poke through the lace but still look and feel classy. My all-time fave is an Elle Saab dress I saw years ago, but to this day I can’t find a picture of it!


Think barns, teepees and outdoor festoon lights. I’m actually going to a wedding next month with this theme, and I just know it’s going to be magical – especially if the weather is sunny and warm.

If I didn’t go for an outdoors theme, I would definitely want something quirky or weird – just because it’s who I am!


When it comes to a theme, I’d love something ethereal, vintage and colourful all rolled into one. I’d want fairy lights, wildflowers and greenery, all with pops of baby pink (my favourite colour). I’d litter the guest tables with disposable wedding cameras, and I’d want the champagne to be flowing for everyone. I really feel like your guests should be well catered for at your wedding. That notion probably comes from my need to please house guests, but I don’t mind. Everything has to be perfect, and everyone has to leave with a smile on their face!


When it comes to a colour scheme, I definitely know that I want baby pink in there – and maybe some other pastel colours. However, as I love wildflowers I’m not too sure if I should stick to pastel or go all out colourful!


Now, I’m totally copying my sister here, but I’m over it. I really want a cake that’s just wheels of cheese placed on top of each other! I love cheese so much, and I think it would be a lovely touch to mix in with my theme. Of course, I’ll have separate little cakes or cupcakes making their rounds so that my guests can have some dessert if they’re not a fan of cheese! My mouth is watering writing about this…I’m off to make some cheese on toast!

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