Organizing your Work Load


At the moment, it feels like I’m working 2 jobs. I have my Copywriting role with Pixus UK, which is full time, but I love adding content to this blog and getting it off the ground in my spare time as well.

It can be slightly overwhelming, but once I got myself organized, I found myself enjoying writing a bit more. I have big plans for this website, and I’m updating my theme this weekend which is exciting! Here’s how I organize myself to maximize my workload at work and at home with my blog:

Plan Your Week

Every Sunday, I sit down and write out blog post ideas. I’ll then take a look at my schedule, and plan when to write blog posts for my website. On Thursdays, I usually see my personal trainer, and with driving lessons coming up, I’ll have to plan around them.

Knowing when to write your blog posts is essential to keeping up to date with your blog. If I didn’t plan my writing evenings, I’d probably never get anything done. When it comes to scheduling my posts, I’ll pick a time where my engagement is high. In general, these times are in the morning around 8.30 and 7 pm at night. As my peak engagement on social media is around 3 pm, I’ll also schedule social shares of my posts around that time using Hootsuite.

Keep A Journal

Although I have a journal for keeping me up to speed on my plans (dinner dates, seeing friends, therapy appointments etc), I also keep a journal solely for my blogging. In this, I’ll write my ideas, some update ideas for my categories and other notes about collaboration posts. A journal is also a great idea if you’re still in school and need to keep up to date with your exams, deadlines, and more – such as when you’re scheduled in to see your Physics Tutor.

Keep your Portfolio Simple and Accessible

If you’re a freelancer, you may have a portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients. A custom printed folder is an amazing idea if you’re looking to impress, and looks great on a tidy desk. I have a small portfolio, both online and in a folder, which showcases my writing styles, the clients I have worked with in the past, and the niches I can cater to.

Don’t Let the Workload Bury You

It’s actually really easy to fall behind and stress yourself out about your workload. The main thing to do is not panic. Which is more easily said than done, but still. If you forget to meet a deadline, or you didn’t have time to write a post, go back to your blogging journal and see if you can make time in the coming days.

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