Red Tape & Emotional Turmoil: Putting A Loved One Into A Nursing Home

It's one of the toughest things anybody has to go through in life. It's tough on them, and it's tough on you. Putting a relative into a nursing home makes you feel a rollercoaster of emotions. Guilt is one of many things you will feel, but when it comes to the time to put a family member into a nursing home, what things do you need to consider?


When choosing a nursing home, you need to consider the overall practicalities. You need to be sure you've picked the right nursing home for them. Sometimes it's not feasible, because there aren't any nursing home beds near to you, so do you want them to go in a home that is a car journey away? If you want to be near to them, but it's got to the point where they need professional care 24/7, it's not just about them being near to you, but it's the quality of the home.


This can be very confusing. You might have discussions with other family members to decide on the best plan of action with regards to their care but are you doing right by what your parents want? This can be incredibly difficult to deal with, but you need to respect your parent's wishes. Yes, they may suffer from a variation of age-related cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, but you still need to respect their wishes. And while other family members might not care as much as you, you need to be prepared for a battle on your hands with regards to what everybody else wants for them.


Life is just too busy now, you will have pressures from all angles, from your work pressures to family life and financial struggles, and this can all work to stress you out considerably. Being able to cope with your emotions is not about repressing them, it's about understanding that you will get anxious from time to time, and if you can find coping methods to help you navigate these tough times, it's going to help you feel so much better. There are so many ways people learn to cope with her emotions. You can try meditation or mindfulness, or you can do something that you feel benefits you as a person. Because there are so many stresses and concerns whirring through your mind, the importance of taking a mental break is something you shouldn't underestimate.

Putting someone you love into professional care comes with a lot of red tape, and emotional turmoil. As a result, it can feel overwhelming, the stress of the guilt you might feel, in conjunction with the other pressures you may feel from every angle can wear you down. So, it's is far better for you to prepare yourself mentally for this, because it's not going to be an easy ride. If you can prepare yourself, and learn to cope with the stresses, but also do right by your parents, it can be a smoother journey than anticipated.

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