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I don’t know if you can tell, but my weight is a touchy subject. Sometimes, I don’t mind talking about it. But for the majority of the time, I like to keep things quiet. When it comes to losing weight, I always feel as though I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, I whole heartedly believe that we should all accept ourselves for who we are. I also believe that every body is beautiful, that no one should judge, and that we have all been socialized into this notion that being fat is one of the worst things for our body. Being a faux doctor online will not help me to address my eating, either, before you start. We all know that being obese isn’t healthy, but being skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy either. BMI is a lie, and every body naturally sits at a normal weight for bone structure and height (I just wanted to get that out of the way).

For years I’ve struggled with my self identity. The last time I didn’t worry about my body, my weight, or my appearance was in year 8… 13 years ago. Since then, I’ve had mental health problems, undiagnosed eating disorders and a severely unhealthy relationship with food. All of the above has brought me here. I’m not at the heaviest weight I have ever been, that I reached last year at my lowest point, but I’m still obese.

Although my weight isn’t everything that affects my mental health, there is a significant part of me that believes it has a giant influence – which is why I’ve decided to start a weight loss series on my blog. I don’t want it to be a big thing, but somewhere I can write about my problems with food, how I’m doing, and note down some nice things that have been happening. I guess it’s more a cathartic thing, but if others want to read about my journey then that’s cool too!

I’ve recently started following Slimming World again, and so far so good. I lost my first stone on Slimming World, so going back to what I know will work is a step in the right direction for me. If you don’t know the premise of Slimming World, it works on the basis of “free food”, “healthy extras” and “syns”. Your free food consists of fruit, vegetables, meat, beans and pulses. As well as this, you can have as much pasta as you would like (heck yea). To go with this section of my blog, I’ve started a new weightloss Instagram. It’s not much, but I like having my diet/fitness separate from my main account (gotta keep that aesthetic ygm).

So, yeah, I thought I’d do a brief introduction to this section of my blog, what it means to me and what you can expect! I’m going to write monthly updates, about how I’m getting on, what’s influenced me, the recipes I’ve found, how I feel and more. I think it’ll be exciting to see how it goes and review everything. We’ll see, anyway. For daily updates etc you’re more than welcome to follow my new Instagram!


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