5 Easy Steps to Moving Home

I've moved a total of 5 times in my 25 years, and moving doesn't really get any easier. It can be hard getting your head straight, let alone your affairs, belongings and moving process. I've learned a few things over the years though, and below are my top tips for moving home without a hitch!


This is a super simple step, but it's really important. The first thing you need to plan for is what you need to pack. Is there any big items of furniture? Sofas, beds, and appliances will more than likely require you to hire a removal service. Take a look around the area, ask for recommendations and always check put removal services before you make a booking. 

Next, plan what you need to pack, and how you're going to pack it. I organise my packing by room. So I won't start packing another room until the one I'm in is done. This way everything is grouped. I also label my boxes. So group together your clothes, make-up, accessories, furniture and miscellaneous items into sections, and go from there. 

Prepare Prepare Prepare

Prepping for a move is really important too. Make sure everything is where it should be. I'll always set aside a day before packing in order to check what I definitely do need, and what I definitely don't. Any clothes I don't want, I'll sell on Depop to make some extra money. Any other items I'll either bin or take to the tip. As well as this, I'll give the rooms a quick tidy, ensuring everything is ready for me to start packing when the time comes.

Pack According to Room

As mentioned above, always ensure your packing room to room. You don't want your kettle mixed up with your underwear, and you don't want your toothbrush to end up with your bathroom items... This is a simple step, but I like to think it makes the process easier. During the planning, you should decide how you're going to pack and stock up. Also, ensure you have enough Adhesive Tapes and packing boxes to tide you over. You don't want to be cut short on boxes, and you definitely don't need your items spilling everywhere. 


Again, another easy tip, but your future self will thank you. Buy some label rolls and label all your boxes, what's in them, and if the box contains fragile items. When packing, it can get to a point where you end up chucking your boxes in your moving van/car - this just reminds you to be careful where possible!


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