5 Things You Need To Quit To Improve Your Health

Health is one of those things that you have to work at constantly. You can’t fully relax or let yourself go if you truly want to improve your mental and physical health. Admittedly, you’re rarely on your own on this long journey of self-improvement. You’ll find plenty of professional dieting and fitness advice if you need guidance along the way. But there are some aspects of your health that you might accidentally neglect and that could have dramatic consequences. Here are the top 5 bad habits you need to quit before it’s too late!


Does it still need saying? Smoking is unhealthy and can significantly affect your skin, your lungs and your overall fitness levels. Smokers, for instance, have troubles taking up sports because they often experience breathing problems. So why do most people continue to smoke? More often than not, smoking is a habit that can calm your nerve and also reduce your appetite. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find slender smokers who worry about putting on weight when they quit.

High Heels

On those days when you want to feel especially sexy, you know you’ve got a pair of super high heels to transform any outfit into a femme fatale outfit. High heels are fashionable for a reason; they change the shape of your body as you wear them, they accentuate your lower back, and they make your legs appear longer too. But prolonged wear can also affect your health by causing pressure on your joints and in your back. Did you know that it’s not uncommon for high heels lovers to require a bunion operation? Victoria Beckham is a prime example of this. So, next time you want to don your memory foam sketchers, don't feel too bad about it, yeah?

Social Media

We live in an era of mental health issues, and it’s easy to understand why when you see the negative relationship most people develop with social media. Indeed, social media platforms are known to be correlated to depression, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders. The more time you spend comparing yourself to others online, the less time you spend caring for yourself. I'm feeling the pressure of social media at lot at the moment, and it's getting to a point where I'm thinking of taking some downtime, just to focus on myself.  

Counting Calories

When you decide to develop health-conscious habits, it’s fair to say that you may look for solutions to keep your eating habits under control. While you may not want to go on a diet, eating healthy food and keeping your portions small are essential to a healthy lifestyle. That’s precisely why many people fall into the trap of counting calories. Unfortunately, when you start looking at what you eat in terms of calories and not vitamins, you can miss out on a lot of goodness from your food! 


Are you the kind of person who sometimes buys a little more than she actually needs? Or maybe you can’t get rid of old stuff you don’t use anymore. You might think that as long as you keep your budget in the green, you’ll be fine. But in reality, clutter at home can affect your mood. Messy homes lead to clogged up minds and unhappy people.


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