5 Tips for Moving Across Country

Recently, me and my partner have been talking about moving across the country. We’re not sure where we want to go yet, but we’ve seen a few places we love the look of. I couldn’t really find a post on what to do if you’re planning a big move like this, so I decided to write one up myself! I love a good tip post, so here’s one for you if you’re looking to move across the country in the future.

Research the Area

Before making any decisions, always research the area you like the look of. Maybe visit for a weekend, take a look at fellow bloggers who have visited, and see if the area offers you something exciting, like interesting restaurants, groups, or decent schools if you have children. For me, I know I’d like to be Vegan down the line, which is why I would be looking for somewhere that has a wide range of Vegan stores, restaurants and more.

Pack Light

You’re travelling to literally another part of the country. Make sure you pack light. If you’re moving, you’re moving for a reason. Pack light and buy what you need when you get there. Obviously, if you need to pack furniture, you will need someone like Black and Yellow Moves to help you. Furniture is a necessity (unless you’re renting a furnished property) so make sure you choose a mover who is trusted. If you’re planning on a move to the city centre, M25 Removals London is perfect for moving furniture in the city.

Book your Travel in Advance

If you’re not travelling with your furniture, you will need to ensure you have your travel booked in advance. Train and coach tickets can be expensive when booked last minute, so take a look for tickets a few months in advance if possible. If you’re driving, ensure you purchase enough fuel (and car snacks obvs).

Plan for a Long Journey

On your journey, you’ll need food, books, or movies. I tend to load my phone up with episodes of my favourite show or create a new playlist to listen to. Whilst travelling, why not take some time to plan what you’re going to do when you arrive? A new city or town can be daunting, but super exciting.

Take the Leap

If you’re a home bird like me, it’s important that you bite the bullet and take the leap. It’s nice staying in your hometown, but f you have the travel bug, getting out of your comfort zone is the only way you’ll know who you are. 


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