5 Tips on How to Save Energy in your Home

Whether you’re looking to shave money off your monthly bills, or you’re looking to help the environment, here are some top tips on how to save energy in your home, and in turn, reduce the amount of money on your monthly bills.

Install a Home Energy Monitor

There is a range of smart monitors you can buy for your home. If you’re considering this as an option, ensure you browse the smart meters available to you. Smart meters take a look at the energy you are spending in your home and let you know in real time what you can do to reduce the amount of energy you’re using without just receiving an overpriced bill at the end of the month.

Replace your Light Bulbs

Replacing your current light bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs is a great and effective way to ensure you’re saving energy. Speaking to an electrician will ensure you know the ins and outs of this process and how replacing your old bulbs can reduce your monthly bills by up to a third.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

Most of the time, losing money on your energy bills comes from poor appliances and fixtures. Much like lighting, ensuring your appliances are energy efficient is a way to reduce your bills over a longer period of time. The Feature Radiators Collection offers energy saving radiators for your home, along with other options! You can also take a look at your washing machine, fridge and freezer in order to gauge their energy-saving level.

Ensure your House in Insulated to a Good Standard

Over time, insulation can deteriorate, slip, or become less effective in your home. It might be worth checking your insulation with a professional. Not only can improving your insulation save you money on your energy bills, but it can ensure that your house stays warmer for longer in the winter months.

Reduce Water and Energy Usage

When we think of saving energy, we always look at what we cut down on in terms of household items, appliances, insulation etc. One thing we don’t always look at is our own usage in terms of reducing our water and energy usage. To conserve water, stick to baths or shorter showers. Also, enforce a hosepipe ban on yourself. In the summer, watering our garden can add so much money to our bills. Holding off on using hosepipes is a sure fire way to ensure money savings on your monthly bill.

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