How to Create a Zine, Manual or Magazine

When I was in university, I really wanted to create a free zine filled with poetry submissions, art and writing that I could place around my campus. I was just starting to learn all about feminism and I really wanted to spread some information about what I already knew. Although my views on feminism have changed, there’s still a creative side to me that wants to create booklets and zines that I can sell filled with poetry. After creating the Liverpool Luna Collective, my life has been kind of devoid of anything to do with the arts – but I’d love to create a little zine with my friends one day. Here’s how you can create your own zines and manuals…

How to Create a Zine for Free

Zines are always the best choice if you’re looking to create something with friends, showcase art and written word for free, or to highlight political issues you feel are important for everyone to hear about. They’re don’t have to be too big, or long, and can be made by folding colourful paper and stapling together. You can make these with friends, form a collaboration and ask local coffee stores to have them on offer for customers. I love this idea, and it’s still something I’d like to do in the future. My favourite zine at the moment is Polyester Zine.

How to Make a Manual

Whether you’re looking to create illustrated manuals for your business, or visual manuals for instructions, making a manual on a small budget isn’t too difficult. Manuals can be used to create fun comic strips, to have on your website for your readers, or can be printed off and placed in public stores for people to read when they want. Manuals are small and a lot less fiddly than creating a zine, so if you have some money behind you, give a manual a try. If you have a small business, one environmentally friendly business solution includes the use of manuals online, reducing the amount of paper wasted on print.

How to Create a Magazine

Magazines are a lot trickier than zines and manuals, and you will need a large team and social following to get it off the ground. A lot of magazines have a niche, target audience, and enthralling content that make the reader want to purchase a copy or subscription. In my opinion, starting an online magazine is a better option. This can virtually be done for free, and means you can branch out into print should you wish to do so in the future. With an online magazine, you also get the choice to choose everything you want, from theme to editors and writers. If you’re getting into SEO, it’s also a good way to earn money down the line, should you wish to do so.


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